Ceramic Brick Price In Bangladesh

Ceramic Brick Price In Bangladesh

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Ceramic brick is one of the most common building materials nowadays.  It is widely used for the all-over construction process. At present in Bangladesh, for interior and exterior design Ceramic brick has become very popular. Day by day the usage of Ceramic Brick is increasing due to its easy form and high-performance features with amazing designs and having a long service life. Currently, In Bangladesh, the housing sector largely depends on ceramic bricks as the primary building block unit. To get an overview including Ceramic Brick Price In Bangladesh, just go through this article! If you have any queries, experts from Circle Interior are always here to help you!

Production Process of Ceramic Brick

Ceramic brick was invented a long time ago. At that time the production process and technology were less developed and time-consuming. The clay was kneaded manually, then the desired shape was manually formed. For drying, the sun is the only thing. After drying, the brick got hard and was sent to the stove for firing. The process of brick production mainly continues in the summer season because it was impossible to dry the clay pieces in the low temperature and high humidity conditions of other seasons.

Today the production process of ceramic bricks is fully automated. There are many auto Ceramic Brick manufacturers in Bangladesh. The local manufacturers are developing many bricks such as Ceramic Solid Bricks, Ceramic Pricked Bricks, Ceramic 3 hole Bricks, 10 Hole Ceramic Brick, Solid Ceramic Brick, 9 Hole Brick, 13 Hole Ceramic Bricks, Hollow Block, Bull Nose Ceramic Bricks, Ceramic Roofing Tiles, Ceramic Tiles (Ct- 8, Ct- 9), Fancy Ceramic Bricks, Roof Tally, Facing Brick, Roof Tile, Cladding brick etc.

Ceramic Brick Material

Locally sourced clay is the main material for the Ceramic Brick In Bangladesh. The composition and quality of these bricks can vary depending on the specific type of clay and additional materials used in their production. The quality of the clay found in different regions of Bangladesh can influence the final properties of the bricks. To achieve the desired properties, other natural materials can be mixed with earthen clay. Ceramic Brick price in Bangladesh depends on its material cost.

Manufacturing Process of Ceramic Brick

Traditional brick-making in Bangladesh often involves shaping the clay by hand or using simple molds and then firing the bricks in kilns. It takes more time and the production process is complex. However, In recent years, more modern manufacturing processes involving automated machinery and more controlled firing techniques are also in use, especially in larger, more industrialized brick-making facilities. Depending on the region in Bangladesh, the composition of the bricks might differ due to the availability of different types of clay and local manufacturing practices.

Performance Characteristics of Ceramic Brick

The main technical characteristics of ceramic bricks are indicators of density, porosity, frost resistance, strength, water absorption, and thermal conductivity are important in the context of Bangladesh’s climate. Circle Interior Ltd. is one of the leading Ceramic Brick Providers in Bangladesh and provides quality bricks in many projects.

The popularity of Ceramic Bricks is increasing for its design and variation. There are several types of ceramic bricks available in Bangladesh. Each of the designs is for specific uses in construction. Here we are providing a summary of popular ceramic bricks in Bangladesh.

3-Hole Bricks: 3-Hole Bricks are getting popular in Bangladesh for their lightweight. Also, there are many benefits of it. Recently, Bangladesh has faced a couple of earthquakes. 3 Hole Bricks are considered suitable for earthquake-prone areas.  These bricks are suitable for high-rise buildings. The range of 3-hole brick prices in Bangladesh is around Tk 40 to Tk 50

10-Hole Bricks: 10-Hole Bricks are one of the most selling bricks in Bangladesh. These bricks are known for their high capacity to bind with cement. It offers uniformity in color, size, and shape. They are strong, durable, and resistant to fire and sound, making them ideal for building construction. These bricks are resistant to water absorption, which extends their durability. Normally the size of 10 Hole Bricks is 9.5”×4.5” ×2.75”. The range of 10-hole Ceramic brick price in Bangladesh is Tk 30 to Tk 50.

13-Hole Bricks: 13-Hole Bricks are the modern edition of traditional bricks. These bricks are known for their strong resistance power and are produced using advanced technology. They are ideal for any construction that requires high durability while maintaining eco-friendliness.

Bull Nose Bricks: Bull Nose Ceramic Brick are best for landscaping. These bricks are less slippery and made from clay. Bull Nose Ceramics are often used in parks and for building stairs due to their aesthetic appeal and safety. The Bull Nose Auto Bricks Price is around Tk 30 to Tk 50.

More Different Types of Ceramic Brick

Ceramic Roofing Tiles: Ceramic roofing tiles in Bangladesh offer a blend of durability, aesthetic appeal, and eco-friendliness, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings. These tiles are made from clay that is kiln-fired at high temperatures. With an excellent thermal property, Ceramic roofing tiles provide natural insulation, keeping buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They are also resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage. Their natural texture and color can enhance the overall appearance of a building. There are many sizes and designs for Ceramic Roofing Tiles. The price range depends on its design and size.

Solid Bricks: Solid Bricks are common types of ceramic construction materials used in building projects. Clay or clay-based materials are the main materials for Solid Bricks. Solid bricks are rectangular in shape. They are good at strength and durability. Solid bricks can withstand heavy loads and provide structural stability to buildings. 

Hollow Blocks: Hollow Blocks are also made from Clay but designed with one or more hollow cavities or voids inside the block. These cavities reduce the weight of the block while maintaining its structural integrity. These ceramic bricks are lighter than solid bricks still durable and offer good strength for construction purposes. These bricks are perfect for both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, making them versatile in construction.

CT-8 and CT-9 Bricks: These have low water absorption, provide insulation from heat, and are suitable for both exterior and interior uses. They are eco-friendly, economical, and require low maintenance. Ceramic Tiles (CT-8) are typically 8×2.5×0.65 (inches) and their weight is around 0.35 kg (approx). 7 tiles are perfect for covering per square foot. On the other hand, Ceramic Tiles (CT-9) are available in 9x3x0.50 (inches). Both bricks have their own benefits.

Advantages of Ceramic Bricks in Bangladesh

Construction with Ceramic Bricks provides various advantages over other normal bricks. Here is a list of advantages:

  1. Easier Workability and Aesthetics
  2. Better Construction Pace
  3. Minimum Wastage
  4. Thermal Insulation
  5. Acoustic Performance
  6. Fire Resistance
  7. Cost Saving
  8. Earthquake Resistant
  9. Accuracy in Shape
  10. Pest Resistance
  11. Reducing Water Consumption
  12. Eco-friendly and Sustainability

Using ceramic brick in building projects in Bangladesh has a lot of advantages. Thus, it can greatly simplify and speed up the home-building process. The various qualities of ceramic blocks are ideal for Bangladesh’s climate. Large construction projects are already establishing the use of these blocks to make the lives of residents more comfortable.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Ceramic Bricks?

Ceramic brick is a building material, which is made of red clay by molding and firing. Brick ceramic is a very practical and durable material, which is made by firing clay. When it comes to the erection of walls, partitions, multi-story buildings, and the construction of external facades, there is virtually no equal to ceramic bricks.

Where can I purchase good-quality concrete blocks?

Circle Interior Ltd. provides the best quality ceramic bricks in Bangladesh. They ensure the top-notch quality of their products as well as their services. Without a doubt, you can choose Circle Interior for building your project.

How much does a Ceramic Brick cost in Bangladesh?

The cost of Ceramic Brick is based on the color of the blocks and other key factors like size, weight, strength, etc. It can start from 20 Tk. to around 500 Tk.

Can I use ceramic brick for external walls?

Yes. Lightweight ceramic bricks are perfect for both internal and external walls in a non-load-bearing manner.

Is it cheaper to build using ceramic bricks?

Ceramic Bricks are a little bit more costly than traditional bricks. But if you think about the features, Ceramic Bricks are a perfect solution.

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Ms. Nafisa Kabir

From Dhanmondi, Dhaka on 15th June, 2022

We recently renovated our home with Ceramic Bricks from Circle Interior Ltd., and I must say, the durability is outstanding! We are impressed with the quality, and we feel confident that these bricks will stand the test of time.

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