Conceal Hinge Price In Bangladesh

Conceal Hinge Price In Bangladesh

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Concealed hinges have become increasingly popular in Bangladesh, offering a sleek and modern look to various applications. They provide a seamless visual appearance by hiding the hinge mechanism within the cabinet or door frame, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your space.

Importance of Concealed Hinges in Bangladesh

Aesthetic Appeal: Concealed hinges contribute significantly to the overall aesthetics of kitchens, wardrobes, and other furniture. They create a clean and uncluttered look, eliminating the distraction of visible hinges on cabinet doors. This is particularly important in modern and minimalist design styles prevalent in Bangladeshi homes.

Improved Functionality: Concealed hinges offer several functional advantages over traditional hinges. They allow for full door overlay: This means the door can completely cover the cabinet frame, creating a clean and finished look.

Provide smooth opening and closing: The concealed mechanism ensures smooth and quiet operation, enhancing the user experience.

Offer adjustable features: Many concealed hinges allow for minor adjustments in door alignment, ensuring a perfect fit and eliminating alignment issues.

Durability and Strength: Concealed hinges are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are typically made from high-quality materials like steel or brass, ensuring they can withstand regular use and heavy doors.

Understanding the Technical Specifications of Concealed Hinges

While offering a unified aesthetic, concealed hinges come with various specifications to suit different needs. Here are some issues that you consider before purchasing conceal hinges:

Cup diameter: This refers to the diameter of the cup-shaped part that fits into the cabinet or door. Common sizes include 35mm and 42mm.

Arm length: The length of the hinge arm determines how far the door opens. This can range from standard lengths to full overlay lengths for complete door coverage.

Material: Steel and brass are the most common materials used for concealed hinges, offering strength and durability.

Finish: Hinges come in various finishes like chrome, nickel, and black to match your existing hardware and style preferences.

Opening angle: Some hinges offer a standard 90-degree opening, while others can open wider up to 180 degrees, depending on your needs.

Soft-close feature: This feature allows the door to close gently and silently, preventing slamming and potential damage.

Different Types of Concealed Hinges in Bangladesh

With diverse applications, concealed hinges come in various types to cater to specific needs:

Full overlay hinges: These hinges allow the door to completely cover the cabinet frame, creating a seamless look. They are the most common type used in modern kitchens and furniture.

Half overlay hinges: These hinges allow the door to partially cover the cabinet frame, revealing a small portion of the frame. They are often used in traditional-style cabinetry.

Inset hinges: These hinges are designed for inset doors, which sit within the cabinet frame. They are less common but offer a classic look for certain applications.

Blind corner hinges: These specialized hinges allow for doors to open in a corner cabinet, providing full access to the interior space.

Bi-fold hinges: These hinges are used for bi-fold doors that fold in half when opened. They are commonly used for pantry doors or space-saving applications.

Checklist Before Buying a Concealed Hinge

Choosing the right concealed hinge for your project requires careful consideration of several factors:

Door type and weight: Ensure the hinge can support the weight and size of your door. Heavier doors require sturdier hinges with a higher weight capacity.

Desired overlay: Choose a hinge type that aligns with your desired door overlay (full, half, or inset).

Cabinet material: Consider the material of your cabinet and choose a hinge compatible with the drilling required for installation.

Opening angle: Select a hinge that offers the desired opening angle for your application.

Additional features: Consider features like soft-close or self-closing mechanisms for added convenience and user experience.

Understanding Concealed Hinge Prices in Bangladesh

The price of concealed hinges in Bangladesh varies depending on several factors, including:

Brand: Popular international brands tend to be more expensive than local brands.

Type of hinge: Specialized hinges like blind corner hinges or those with features like soft-close typically cost more than basic full overlay hinges.

Material: Hinges made from higher-quality materials like brass might be more expensive than steel options.

Quantity: Buying in bulk can sometimes offer a discounted price compared to purchasing individual hinges.

Retailer: Prices can vary between online marketplaces, hardware stores, and specialist furniture fitting retailers.

Here’s a general range of concealed hinge prices in Bangladesh to provide an idea:

Lower end (100 BDT – 300 BDT): This range might represent basic, locally manufactured full overlay hinges made from steel with no additional features like soft-close.

Mid-range (300 BDT – 600 BDT): This range might include imported brands with better quality materials like brass or steel with improved finishes. It could also encompass locally manufactured hinges with features like soft-close.

Higher end (600 BDT – 1,000 BDT): This range could represent premium brands, specialized hinges like blind corner hinges, or hinges with advanced features like self-closing mechanisms.

Frequently Ask Questions

How much do concealed hinges typically cost in Bangladesh?

As mentioned earlier, the price of concealed hinges can vary greatly depending on several factors. However, you can expect a general range of 100 BDT to 1000 BDT per hinge.

What are the factors that affect the price of concealed hinges?

Several factors influence concealed hinge prices, including:

Brand: Reputable international brands are generally more expensive than local brands.

Type of hinge: Specialized hinges like blind corner hinges or soft-close hinges typically cost more than basic full overlay hinges.

Material: Hinges made from higher-quality materials like brass might be more expensive than steel options.

Quantity: Buying in bulk can sometimes offer a discounted price compared to purchasing individual hinges.

Retailer: Prices can vary between online marketplaces, hardware stores, and specialist furniture fitting retailers.

Where can I find the cheapest concealed hinges in Bangladesh?

While local brands might offer lower prices initially, consider the trade-off between cost and factors like durability, functionality, and brand warranty. Focusing solely on the cheapest option might not always be the most cost-effective solution in the long run.

Is it better to buy concealed hinges online or in physical stores?

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Online platforms offer wider selection and potential for comparison, while physical stores allow you to examine the hinges firsthand and get expert advice from store personnel.

What are some tips for finding the best value for concealed hinges in Bangladesh?

Compare prices: Check online marketplaces, visit different stores, and consider bulk purchase discounts.

Prioritize quality: Don’t solely focus on the cheapest option. Consider factors like material, brand reputation, and features to ensure value for money.

Match your needs: Choose the hinge type and features that best suit your application and avoid paying for unnecessary functionalities.

Seek expert advice: Consult with hardware store personnel or experienced furniture makers for guidance on choosing the right hinges for your project. You can also take consultation from Circle Interior Ltd.

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