DB Box Price In Bangladesh

DB Box Price In Bangladesh

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The DB Box, also known as a Distribution Box. It plays a crucial role in every Bangladeshi household’s electrical safety and functionality. It acts as the central hub for managing and distributing electricity throughout your home. In Bangladesh, a reliable and efficient electrical infrastructure is essential for everyday life. This content will help you to understand the importance, technical specifications, types, and considerations before purchasing also current price of DB Box in Bangladesh. Let’s delve into the intricacies of DB Boxes and empower you to make an informed decision.

Importance of DB Boxes in Bangladesh

The significance of DB Boxes in Bangladesh is huge. It acts as the nerve center of electrical distribution. DB Boxes ensure that electricity is channeled safely to different circuits within a residential or commercial space. DB Box becomes a safeguard for appliances and electronic devices from potential damage. It also helps in easy identification of circuits, facilitating efficient troubleshooting during electrical issues.

Here’s why DB Boxes are essential in Bangladeshi electronic sector:

Safety: DB Boxes house essential electrical components like circuit breakers and fuses. These components protect your appliances and circuits from overcurrents and short circuits, preventing electrical fires and hazards.

Distribution: The DB Box efficiently distributes incoming electricity to various circuits in your home, ensuring each circuit receives the appropriate voltage and current. This prevents overloading and potential damage to your electrical system and appliances.

Organization: DB Boxes provide a central location for managing and controlling your home’s electrical system. This makes it easier to identify and troubleshoot any electrical issues that may arise.

Regulation Compliance: In Bangladesh, using a DB Box is mandatory as per electrical safety regulations set by the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB).

Technical Specifications of a DB Box

While specific details may vary depending on the manufacturer and model, here’s a general overview of a DB Box’s technical specifications:

Material: Typically made of durable, non-flammable materials like galvanized steel or ABS plastic.

Enclosure: A protective box with a lockable door to prevent unauthorized access and ensure safety.

Mounting: Designed for wall mounting, usually indoors in a dry and easily accessible location.

Number of ways: Refers to the number of individual circuits the DB Box can accommodate. Common options in Bangladesh range from 2 ways to 24 ways, depending on the size and complexity of your electrical system.

Components: May include:

Main switch: Disconnects the entire electrical supply to your home.

Earthing bar: Connects all metal parts of the electrical system to the grounding system for safety.

Circuit breakers: Individual breakers for each circuit, automatically tripping in case of overload or short circuit.

Neutral links: Connect the neutral wires of all circuits.

Types of DB Boxes Available in Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi market offers various DB Box types to suit different needs and budgets. Here are the most common ones:

Surface-mounted DB Boxes: These are the most common type, installed directly onto the wall surface.

Flush-mounted DB Boxes: These are embedded into the wall, providing a cleaner and more aesthetic look.

Metal DB Boxes: Offer superior durability and fire resistance.

Plastic DB Boxes: More affordable and lightweight, but may not be as fire-resistant as metal options.

Single-phase DB Boxes: Suitable for most homes in Bangladesh with single-phase electricity supply.

Three-phase DB Boxes: Required for industrial or commercial establishments with three-phase power supply.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a DB Box

Number of ways: Choose a DB Box with enough ways to accommodate all your existing and potential future circuits.

Material: Consider the balance between budget, durability, and fire resistance.

Brand reputation: Opt for a reputable brand known for quality and safety standards.

Compliance: Ensure the DB Box complies with BPDB regulations.

Checklist Before Buying a DB Box in Bangladesh

Before purchasing a DB Box, it’s crucial to consider the following:

Consult a qualified electrician: They can assess your specific electrical needs and recommend the appropriate DB Box size and type.

Check the BPDB regulations: Ensure the DB Box meets the required safety standards.

Verify the brand and warranty: Choose a reputable brand with a reliable warranty.

Compare prices: Get quotes from multiple vendors to find the best deal. You can purchase best DB Box from Circle Interior Ltd. They offer the best price in the market. 

Price of DB Boxes in Bangladesh

The price of a DB Box in Bangladesh can vary depending on several factors, including:

Size (number of ways): Larger DB Boxes with more ways are generally more expensive.

Material: Metal DB Boxes are typically more expensive than plastic ones.

Brand: Reputable brands may command a higher price premium.

Additional features: Some DB Boxes may come with pre-installed components like MCBs, which can affect the cost.

As a general estimate, the price of DB Boxes in Bangladesh can range from BDT 500 for a small, basic model to BDT 5,000 or more for a larger, feature-rich option.

However, to give you a better idea, here’s a breakdown of approximate price ranges based on size:

Small DB Boxes (1 ways): BDT 55 – BDT 85

Small DB Boxes (2-4 ways): BDT 500 – BDT 1,000

Medium DB Boxes (6-12 ways): BDT 1,500 – BDT 2,500

Large DB Boxes (18-24 ways): BDT 3,000 – BDT 5,000+

Remember: It’s always advisable to prioritize safety and quality over lower prices when choosing a DB Box for your home

Frequently Ask Questions

What is a DB Box?

A DB Box, also known as a Distribution Box or MDB (Main Distribution Board), is the central hub that manages and distributes electricity throughout your space. It includes essential components like circuit breakers and fuses, ensuring safety and proper electrical flow.

Why is a DB Box important in Bangladesh?

DB Boxes are crucial for several reasons:

Safety: They protect your home from electrical hazards like fires and short circuits by housing circuit breakers that automatically trip in case of overload.

Distribution: They efficiently distribute electricity to various circuits, ensuring each receives the appropriate voltage and current.

Organization: They provide a central location for managing and controlling your home’s electrical system, making troubleshooting easier.

Compliance: Using a DB Box is mandatory as per BPDB regulations.

What are the different types of DB Boxes available in Bangladesh?

The most common types include:

Surface-mounted vs. Flush-mounted: Surface-mounted are installed directly on the wall, while flush-mounted are embedded for a cleaner look.

Metal vs. Plastic: Metal offers superior durability and fire resistance, while plastic is more affordable but less fire-resistant.

Single-phase vs. Three-phase: Single-phase is suitable for most homes, while three-phase is needed for industrial or commercial establishments.

What factors should I consider when buying a DB Box?

Number of ways (circuits): Choose one that accommodates your existing and potential future needs.

Material: Consider your budget, durability, and fire resistance priorities.

Brand reputation: Opt for a reputable brand known for quality and safety standards.

Compliance: Ensure it meets BPDB regulations.

How much does a DB Box cost in Bangladesh?

The price varies depending on size, material, brand, and additional features. It can range from BDT 500 for a small, basic model to BDT 5,000 or more for a larger, feature-rich option.

Where can I buy a DB Box in Bangladesh?

You can buy Best DB Box from Circle Interior Ltd in a cheap price. Also you can find them at electrical shops, hardware stores, and online retailers. Remember to compare prices and prioritize safety and quality over the lowest price.

Should I consult an electrician before buying a DB Box?

Yes, a qualified electrician can assess your specific electrical needs and recommend the appropriate size and type of DB Box for your home, ensuring safety and compliance.

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