Floor spot lights become popular in Bangladesh for their functional purpose and design variation. They bring depth, drama, and focused illumination to any space. It can transform your space into something special. Floor spotlights not only enhance your décor but also offer many practical benefits. This article will help you to find out some important aspects of Floor spotlights including Floor spotlights price in Bangladesh.

Compact Design of Floor Spot Light

Floor spot lights may be small in size, but they make a big impact. These lights are compact yet powerful. The light diameter of approximately 12cm and a height of 15cm. These lights take minimal space and the sleek design can easily blend with any décor. Floor spotlights are great for focusing on a specific area. It also can create a cozy ambiance.

Lightweight Powerhouse

Floor spot lights may be small in size. With this small size, they make a big impact. Their typical weight is between 0.89 kg to 1.85 kg. They provide stability without adding unnecessary weight to your space. This feature makes them perfect for effortless positioning and rearranging. It also gives you the flexibility to adjust your lighting according to different occasions.

Universal Compatibility of Floor Spot Light

Operating on a standard 220V-230V voltage and offering wattage options of 6W and 9W, these lights easily integrate into most electrical systems in Bangladesh. They consume minimal energy, contributing to lower electricity bills and a more sustainable lifestyle.

Effortless Installation of Floor Spot Light

Spot Lights are very easy to install. You can install these lights without complex wiring or professional help. The installation depth of the Floor spot light is 9.5 cm or 10.5 cm. The compact size will allow you to simple placement and connections. Most spotlights offer plug-and-play design which makes them perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

Warm Ambiance Guaranteed

LED Spotlights create a warm and inviting glow with the pre-installed warm white (3000K) LED bulbs. Traditional lights provide direct light that causes headaches and eyestrain. LED lights provide specific ambiance light which ensures a comfortable environment.

Durable and Weatherproof

LED Floor Spotlights are made of durable materials which ensures a long-lasting service. Also, it has an impressive IP 67 protection rating. This feature makes them dustproof and waterproof. So don’t worry about using these Spotlights for outdoor uses. LED Floor Spotlights are also good for kitchens, bathrooms, patios, and even gardens.

Budget-Friendly Brilliance

LED Floor Spotlights offers versatile lighting solutions. Material, size, quality, and other issues impact the Floor Spot Light Price in Bangladesh. There is a lot of variation in LED Floor Spotlights. You can find floor spot lights that perfectly match your style and budget without breaking the bank.

So, what are waiting for? Unleash your inner lighting designer and explore the possibilities offered by floor spot lights in Bangladesh. From highlighting artwork to creating cozy looks. LED Floor Spotlights offer style, functionality, and value to any space. Circle Interior Ltd offers a huge collection of the best interior lights including LED Spotlights. You can contact them for any assistance.