Hanging Pendant Light Price In Bangladesh

Hanging Pendant Light Price In Bangladesh

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Hanging Pendant Light can be made from various materials. Glass is the common material as it allows light to shine brightly. Pendant lights can be made from various types of metal such as copper, aluminum, brass, and bronze.  Pendant lights made from wood can add an aesthetic to a place. A pendant light can also be made from fabrics or paper. Crystal materials create a dazzling effect on the pendant hanging light. Ceramic light can add a touch of elegance to a place. The material cost directly impact on Hanging Pendant Light Price In Bangladesh.

Types of Hanging Pendant Light

There are many types of pendant lights depending on the designs and size of it. Mini Ceiling Pendant Hangings Light are small pendant lights that are hung from a single cord. Multi-light pendants are featured multiple shades or bulbs. The drum pendant light features a drum-shaped shade. Chandelier lights are designed to resemble a chandelier. They typically feature multiple bulbs. Dome Pendant Light features a globe-shaped shade or round shade. Lantern pendant lights feature a cage-like structure around the bulb.

Lighting Color

Clear lighting color Modern Hanging Light is popular as they allow the maximum amount of light to shine through making them a great choice for brightening a space. Black pendant lights can add a touch of dramatic view to a place. White color pendant lights are a classic choice that adds a contemporary look to a place. A brass pendant light can add warmth and elegance to a place. Silver pendant lights can create a sleek and contemporary look in a space. Pendant hanging lights are also available in a wide range of colors including blue, green, red, and yellow.

Hanging Pendant Light Design

There are many different types of designs for Hanging Pendant Lights. Classic pendant lights feature a simple, timeless design with a single bulb. Contemporary pendant lights have a sleek and modern design. You will find difference Hanging Pendant Light Price In Bangladesh as per design. Industrial pendant lights have a rugged and utilitarian design that often includes exposed bulbs. The rustic pendant light features a warm, natural design that often incorporates wood. Art Deco pendant lights have a luxurious glamorous design. Tiffany-style pendant lights feature colorful stained glass. Mid-century modern pendant lights have classic bold colors and unique shapes.

Cable Hanging Length

The ideal cable hanging length of a Vintage Pendant Light depends on various factors including ceiling height, size of a pendant light, the aesthetic that you are wanted, and functionality. As a general rule, the pendant light should hang at least 12-20 inches below the ceiling or higher than the tallest person in the room. This ensures that the light is not too close to the ceiling or too low to cause visual discomfort.  For a specific area like Bedroom Pendant Lights or dining room pendant lights should be hanging at a height where it provides adequate lighting.

Watt Details

The wattage of a pendant hanging light depends on several factors, including the type of bulb used, the size and design of the fixture, and the intended use of the light. Most Wall Hanging Light use incandescent, LED, or halogen bulbs, which have different wattages and power consumption. For example, a standard 60-watt incandescent bulb will provide bright, warm light, while an equivalent LED bulb may only use 9-12 watts of power. The size and design of the pendant light fixture can also impact the wattage.

LED or Halogen

LED are becoming increasingly popular in Hanging Pendant Lights due to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and range of color temperatures. These bulbs use less energy than halogen bulbs and have a much longer lifespan, which can save money on electricity bills and bulb replacements in the long run. Some people prefer the warm and natural light quality of halogen bulbs in their pendant lights. Halogen bulbs have a slightly higher color rendering index than LED bulbs, which means they can produce more accurate colors.

Fine Workmanship

Several factors evaluate the fine workmanship of pendant light. The quality of the materials used in the pendant light can indicate the level of workmanship. High-quality materials such as brass, copper, or hand-blown glass can be more expensive but can offer superior durability and visual appeal. The design and construction of the pendant light can also indicate the level of workmanship. The finishing and installation process can also indicate the level of workmanship. The quality of finishing and installation process put impact on Hanging Pendant Light Price In Bangladesh. Farmhouse Battery Operated Pendant Light need some extra effort for setting up.


The origin of LED Pendant Light is in the early 1900s when electric lighting began to replace gas lighting in homes and public spaces. As electric lighting technology advanced, so did the design and functionality of pendant lights. In the 1920s and 1930s, pendant lights with more elaborate designs and multiple bulbs became popular. These fixtures were often use in public spaces such as hotels and restaurants, as well as in the homes of the wealthy. During the mid-20th century, pendant lights continued to evolve, with the introduction of new materials and shapes.

Easy to Setup

Some rope pendant light is easy to install, with clear instructions and all necessary hardware included. These fixtures may feature a simple mounting plate that attaches to the ceiling and a cord or chain that hangs the pendant light from the plate. In many cases, these fixtures can install by a single person with minimal tools and experience. Not only that, easy installation depends on the level of experience of the installer and the fixture of designs of the Hanging Pendant Light.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning of pendant light depends on the fixtures of design and style. In general, LED Hanging Light can provide relatively easy to clean compared to other types of light. Pendant hanging lights is that they are often suspended from the ceiling by a cord or chain which means they are not directly attached to the ceiling or wall. This makes them easier to access and clean than flush-mounted fixtures or wall scones. Some pendant lights have removable shades that can be easily taken off for cleaning.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is a pendant hanging light?

A pendant lighting is a type of lighting fixture that hangs from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or metal rod. It typically features a single light source that is enclosed in a decorative shade or globe.

What are the benefits of pendant-hanging lights?

Rope pendant lights are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, from the kitchen to the bedroom. They provide focused task lighting, add visual interest to a room, and can be used to create a cozy or dramatic ambiance depending on the style and placement of the fixture.

How do I choose the right size pendant light?

The size of a pendant light should be in proportion to the size of the room and the other fixtures in it. As a general rule, the diameter of the pendant light should be 1/2 to 3/4 the width of the surface it is illuminating. For example, a pendant light over a dining table should be approximately 12-20 inches in diameter for a table that seats 4-6 people.

How do I install a pendant hanging light?

Installation of a Hanging Pendant Light varies depending on the specific fixture and electrical set-up. Generally, it involves turning off the power to the circuit, removing the old fixture, and following the manufacturer’s instructions for wiring and attaching the new fixture to the ceiling.

How do I clean the drum pendant light?

To clean a pendant hanging light, turn off the power and remove the shade or globe. Clean the shade or globe with a soft cloth and mild soap and water, and dry thoroughly before reattaching. Use a soft-bristled brush or dusting tool to remove any dust or debris from the fixture itself.

What types of bulbs can be used in a pendant hanging light?

Most teardrop pendant lights are compatible with a variety of bulbs, including incandescent, LED, and CFL bulbs. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the bulb type and wattage are appropriate for the fixture.

Can a pendant hanging light be dimmed?

Yes, many pendant hanging lights can be dimmed using a compatible dimmer switch. Check the manufacturer’s instructions and bulb compatibility to ensure that the dimming function will work properly.

How do I choose the right height for a pendant hanging light?

The height of a Ceiling Pendant Hanging Light should be determined by the height of the ceiling, the desired placement of the fixture, and the purpose of the light. As a general rule, the bottom of the pendant should be 30-36 inches above the surface it is illuminating.

What are some popular styles of pendant hanging lights?

Popular styles of Modern Hanging Light include industrial, modern, vintage, and coastal. These styles such as Dome Pendant Light, drum pendant lighting, and teardrop pendant light vary in materials, shapes, and colors, and can be used to complement a variety of interior design aesthetics.

Can pendant hanging lights be used outdoors?

Yes, there are Hanging Pendant Lights designed specifically for outdoor use. These fixtures are typically weather-resistant and feature materials such as metal or glass that can withstand exposure to the elements.

How do I choose the right color and material for a pendant hanging light?

When choosing the color and material for a Vintage Pendant Light, consider the existing decor of the room and the intended style of the fixture. Common materials for pendant lights include glass, metal, wood, and woven materials like rattan or wicker. Consider the finish of the material as well, such as a matte or glossy surface. The color of the fixture should also complement the overall color scheme of the room.

Can I use multiple pendant lights in a single room?

Yes, multiple pendant lights can be used in a single room to create a cohesive lighting design. Consider using a series of smaller pendant lights to light a longer surface, or grouping several pendants to create a statement fixture.

How do I choose the right pendant light for a specific room?

Consider the function of the room when choosing a pendant light. In a kitchen, for example, a pendant light with a downward-facing shade can provide task lighting over a countertop. As a bedroom pendant light, a larger light with a softer glow can create a cozy atmosphere.

Can a pendant hanging light be used as the main source of lighting in a room?

LED Hanging Lights can be used as the main source of lighting in a room, but it’s important to ensure that they provide enough light for the space. Consider the wattage and color temperature of the bulbs used in the fixture, and supplement with additional lighting sources if necessary.

How can I incorporate pendant hanging lights into a small space?

Hanging Pendant Lights can be used in small spaces to provide functional lighting while also adding visual interest. Consider using a single, small pendant light to illuminate a specific area, or choose a fixture with a compact design that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Can pendant hanging lights be adjusted for different lighting needs?

Yes, many Wall Hanging lights come with adjustable cords, chains, or rods that can be shortened or lengthened to accommodate different ceiling heights or lighting needs. Some fixtures also have adjustable shades or bulbs to provide different lighting angles.

How do I choose the right shape for a dining pendant light?

The shape of a dining room pendant light should complement the existing decor of the room and the intended style of the fixture. Popular shapes include cylindrical, dome, teardrop, and geometric. Consider the size and shape of the room as well, as larger fixtures may require a different shape than smaller ones.

Can I mix and match different types of pendant lights in the same room?

Yes, mixing and matching different types of pendant lights can create a unique and eclectic look in a room. Consider using different styles, shapes, and colors of pendant lights to create a visually interesting and cohesive lighting design.

How can I incorporate pendant hanging lights into a high-ceilinged room?

Pendant hanging lights can be a great way to bring light down to eye level in a high-ceilinged room. Consider using a larger pendant light with a long cord or chain to fill the vertical space, or use a series of smaller pendant lights arranged in a cluster or row.

What are some popular trends in pendant hanging lights?

Some popular trends in Hanging Pendant Lights include using natural materials like rattan or wood, incorporating bold colors or patterns, and using geometric or sculptural shapes. Industrial-style pendant lights with exposed bulbs or metal shades are also popular in modern and minimalist design aesthetics.

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