The kitchen is like the heart of the home, and the cabinets are like its strong support. They not only give us a place to store things, but they also determine how the kitchen looks and works. In Bangladesh, where people have different requirements and tastes, finding the perfect kitchen cabinets can be overwhelming. This article aims to simplify that process, providing insight into Kitchen Cabinet Price in Bangladesh, design, dimensions, and other essential aspects of kitchen cabinets in the local market.

The appearance of your kitchen will reflect by the design of your kitchen cabinet. There are many design choices available, ranging from modern and sleek styles to charming farmhouse finishes. Traditional cabinets that extend from the floor to the ceiling and cover the entire wall offer plenty of storage space. You can also think about cabinets with special finishes that imitate natural stone, real wood grain, or even unique textures such as velvet.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners opt for traditional kitchen cabinets as they offer classic designs and are usually from wood or wood-like materials. These cabinets easily suit the homeowner’s specific needs and style preferences.

Aluminum Kitchen Cabinets

Aluminum kitchen cabinets are popular for their durability and modern look. They are resistant to moisture, making them a good choice for kitchens. They can be found in various designs and sizes.

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) Cabinets

HPL kitchen cabinets are popular because they are strong, attractive, and reasonably priced. HPL, short for high-pressure laminate, is a composite material made from paper, resin, and pigment. It is resistant to scratches, stains, and moisture, making it an ideal option for kitchens.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets are a great option for individuals with unique design concepts. These cabinets are can meet the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner. They are available in different materials and various styles.

Low-Cost Kitchen Cabinets

Budget-conscious homeowners can find affordable kitchen cabinets that are made from laminate or particleboard and come in a variety of styles. Even though they are less expensive, these cabinets can still enhance the style and functionality of your kitchen.          

Kitchen Cabinet Top

The countertop is the crown of your kitchen cabinets, and it can be as simple or as luxurious as your budget allows. In Bangladesh, popular materials for countertops are laminate, granite, and quartz. The prices of these materials differ, with laminate being the most affordable and granite or quartz on the pricier side.

Kitchen Cabinet Rack in Bangladesh

Kitchen cabinet racks are internal organizers that maximize storage space and keep items readily accessible. Popular rack options include:

Pull-out shelves: Provide easy access to deep cabinets.

Spice racks: Keep spices organized and within reach.

Pot and pan racks: Free up valuable countertop space.

Corner organizers: Utilize often-wasted corner space.

Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions in Bangladesh

Standard kitchen cabinet dimensions vary depending on the manufacturer and design. However, some general guidelines apply:

Base cabinets: Typically 24 inches deep, 36 inches high, and come in various widths.

Wall cabinets: Usually 12 inches deep, 30-36 inches high, and also come in various widths.

Overheads: Similar in height to wall cabinets but shallower, typically 12-15 inches deep.

Countertops: Standard height is 36 inches.

Kitchen Cabinet Price in Bangladesh

The price of kitchen cabinets in Bangladesh varies extensively based on several factors, including material, design, and size. Typically, the cost can range anywhere from BDT 500 to BDT 30,000 per square foot. However, the average homeowner might spend around BDT 10,000 to BDT 20,000 per square foot for a standard quality kitchen cabinet setup. It’s imperative to note that these prices are subject to change and can vary between suppliers and the level of customization required.

Here’s a rough estimate of kitchen cabinet prices in Bangladesh:

Plywood or MDF cabinets: BDT 2,000 to BDT 10,000 per SFT.

Solid wood cabinets: BDT 10,000 to BDT 20,000 per SFT.

Aluminum Kitchen Cabinet Price in Bangladesh

Aluminum kitchen cabinets are gaining popularity due to their durability and sleek look. For those considering aluminum, the price in Bangladesh can start from about BDT 20,000 per square foot and can go up depending on the thickness of the aluminum and the design complexity. These cabinets are a significant investment but are known for their longevity and resistance to rust and moisture, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

To sum up, the price of kitchen cabinets in Bangladesh can vary greatly. However, by carefully planning and understanding the market, you can make informed decisions that balance cost and style. It’s important to consider the durability and functionality of the materials and designs you choose. Your kitchen is the central part of your home, and with the right cabinets, it can be both attractive and practical. When thinking about a kitchen renovation or installation, it’s a good idea to consult professionals like Circle Interior Ltd who can give you a more accurate quote based on your specific needs and preferences. With the right approach, you can have your dream kitchen that combines elegance, efficiency, and affordability in your Bangladeshi home.