LED Panel Light Price In Bangladesh

LED Panel Light Price In Bangladesh

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LED panel lights are a popular choice for many homes, offices, and commercial spaces in Bangladesh. These lights are energy-efficient, sleek, and have excellent light output. They are available in various sizes, types, wattages, body materials, colors, designs, and prices. These lights have many options, making them a versatile lighting solution for different needs and budgets. In this article, we’ll give you an overall idea of different sizes, types, wattages, materials, colors, designs, brightness levels, qualities, installation styles, light coverage, and LED panel light prices in Bangladesh.

Size and Type

These are available in different types and sizes. The size of the light you select will depend on the space you wish to brighten up. There are two main types of panel lights: recessed and surface-mounted options. As an example, you can find a 12-watt surface LED panel light. You can change the size and type to meet your requirements.


The wattage of light determines how much power it uses.12W, 15W, and 18W are common wattages for these lights. Choose the watt as per your brightness requirement. Do not choose excess wattage. It will cost more electricity, and the high illumination will make you uncomfortable. For example, a 12W LED panel light is perfect for a small room.

Panel Light Body Material

Aluminum is the common body material for LED panel lights. Aluminum is popular for its durability and functionality. It ensures the lights are robust and can withstand regular use.


These lights are available in various colors, including white and blue. Some lights even offer RGB (red, green, and blue) color options. You can change the color of the RGB light as per your choice.

LED Panel Light Design

These lights are available in various designs. You can find square surface led, round led, rectangle led, and ultra-thin options. These various designs are very stylish so they can meet all design requirements.


The brightness of the LED panel light is measured in lumens. Choosing the right amount of lumen is very important for lead. For example, an 18-watt light can produce a luminous flux of 1500 lumens. You’ll not get the perfect ambiance if you choose less or more lumen.

Quality of LED Panel Light

For a long lifespan and good service, you must ensure good-quality lights. Try to choose a good-quality LED light. Although it costs a bit more, it will give you long-term service and also have a health benefit. lower-quality light doesn’t provide accurate lumen, which can cause health issues like eye strain, headaches, mood swings, etc.

Installation Style

At present, LED panel lights can be installed in various ways. You can choose from recessed-mount, surface-mount, and cable-suspended-mount. The installation style depends on your space and choices. If you’re unaware of the installation process, get help from experts like Circle Interior Ltd.

Light Coverage

LED Lights provide excellent light coverage. You’ll find various types of lights like Garden lights, Spot lights, Hanging lights, etc. All the light has specific light coverage. This accurate coverage promotes a comfortable and productive environment.

LED Panel Light Price in Bangladesh

The price of LED panel lights in Bangladesh varies depending on several factors, like Size and wattage, brand and features, Quality, etc. Here’s a rough estimate:

Small (6-12W): ৳200 – ৳500

Medium (18-36W): ৳500 – ৳1,500

Large (48W+): ৳1,500 – ৳3,000+

LED panel lights are a versatile, energy-efficient, and stylish lighting solution. Whether you’re looking for a ceiling light for your kitchen, a slim light for your office, or a colorful light for your living room, there’s a light that fits your needs and budget.

Frequently Ask Questions

How do LED panel lights work?

LED panel lights, also known as flat panel lights, are energy-efficient. They are used in homes, offices, and commercial spaces. The light gets its power from a power source, usually 110V-240V, depending on your region. The power transfer into LED, causing them to emit light. Some LED lights have heat sinks that dissipate heat.

What is the efficiency of LED panel lights?

Some of the efficiency of LED panel lights are:

  • High Lumen
  • Energy Savings
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Long lifespan
  • Low maintenance
  • Dimming capabilities

Are LED panels waterproof?

It depends! Standard indoor LED panels typically have an IP rating of IP20, meaning they are only protected against dust and not water. However, many LED panels are available with higher IP ratings like IP67, and IP68 for specific applications.

Which type of LED panel is best?

The best type of LED panel depends entirely on your specific needs and preferences. Choose a size suitable for the space and ensure the power output provides enough light. Higher lumens provide more brightness, but consider your needs and potential glare. Choose dimmable panels if you want to adjust the brightness for different settings. Opt for reputable brands with good warranties for quality and long-term performance.

Product Reviews

Md. Nehal

From Dhaka on 16th April, 2022

At our retail store, lighting is everything, and the LED Panel Lights from Circle Interior Ltd have been a great addition. The lights are so bright and clear, and they really make our products stand out.

Mohammaad Ali

From Dhaka on 19th May, 2021

I wanted to upgrade our office lighting to something more modern and energy-efficient. The LED Panel Light from Circle Interior Ltd has been a great investment. The lights are so bright and clear, and they make the entire space feel more open and inviting.

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