LED Tube Light Price In Bangladesh

LED Tube Light Price In Bangladesh

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Are you looking to upgrade your lighting to a more energy-efficient and long-lasting solution? LED tube lights are a fantastic choice, offering significant benefits over traditional fluorescent tubes. These lights have revolutionized the commercial and industrial lighting industry in Bangladesh. But before you dive in, you might be wondering: How much do LED tube lights cost in Bangladesh?

This comprehensive guide will equip you with all the information you need to make informed decisions about LED tube lights in Bangladesh. We’ll cover everything from understanding different types of lights to their prices.

Understanding LED Tube Lights

LED tube lights are essentially linear fixtures that replace traditional fluorescent tubes. They offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Energy Efficiency: LEDs use significantly less energy than fluorescents, leading to substantial cost savings on electricity bills.
  • Long Lifespan: These lights boast a much longer lifespan, lasting up to 50,000 hours or more compared to the 10,000-hour average of fluorescents. This translates to fewer replacements and lower maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: LEDs contain no harmful mercury-like fluorescents, making them a more eco-friendly lighting option.
  • Instant On: Unlike fluorescents that take time to reach full brightness, LEDs turn on instantly.

LED Tube Light Specifications

These LED lights come in various wattages, catering to different lighting needs. Here’s a general guideline:

  • 10W-20W: Suitable for small spaces like closets, bathrooms, or task lighting areas.
  • 30W-40W: A popular choice for kitchens, hallways, and general room lighting.
  • 50W-60W: Ideal for larger spaces like workshops, garages, or warehouses.

These lights come with different color temperatures:

  • 3000K (Warm White): Creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • 4000K (Neutral White): Provides balanced light for most work environments.
  • 6000K (Cool White): Offers bright and energizing light for maximum visibility.

Inside Chip: Reputable brands like Osram, Cree, and Bridgelux are known for reliable and efficient LED chips.

Lumen: 100 Lumen per Watt is a standard measure of light output. Higher lumens indicate a brighter light.

Voltage: A Wider voltage range like 85-285V ensures compatibility with Bangladesh’s electrical grid.

Body Color: The most common color is White. It offers a clean and modern look.

Guarantee: Circle Interior Ltd provides 2 years of Guarantee, ensures quality, and protects your investment.

Types of LED Tube Lights Available in Bangladesh

There are some common types of lights:

  • T5 LED Tube Lights: These are slimmer tubes typically used for task lighting or cove lighting applications.
  • T8 LED Tube Lights: These are the more common size, similar in diameter to traditional fluorescent T8 tubes. They are ideal for replacing existing fluorescent fixtures in offices, schools, and commercial spaces.
  • AC/DC Tube Lights: Provide backup illumination during power outages.
  • Tri-Proof Lights: Offer dustproof, waterproof, and shatterproof features for harsh environments.
  • Dimmable Tube Lights: Allow for adjustable brightness control.

LED Tube Light Price Breakdown in Bangladesh (by Wattage)

Here’s an estimated price range for LED tube lights in Bangladesh, based on wattage:

WattagePrice Range (BDT)
15W250 – 500
20W300 – 600
30W400 – 700
40W500 – 800
50W600 – 900
60W800 – 1200

Please note: Prices can vary depending on the brand, features (dimming, color temperature), retailer, and ongoing promotions. It’s always wise to compare prices from different vendors before purchasing.

Popular sizes like 4ft LED tube lights expect prices in Bangladesh to fall within the range mentioned for the corresponding wattage (e.g., a 4ft, 40W LED tube light would likely cost between BDT 500 and BDT 800).

Installation Process

Installing LED tube lights is generally a straightforward process, especially if you’re replacing existing fluorescent fixtures. Here’s a basic rundown (consult a qualified electrician for complex installations):

  1. Turn off the power supply to the fixture at the breaker box.
  2. Remove the old fluorescent tube and starter (if applicable).
  3. Depending on your fixture, you might need to bypass the ballast (consult the tube light instructions).
  4. Carefully insert the new LED tube light into the socket, ensuring proper alignment.
  5. Turn on the power supply and test the light.


LED tube lights are a smart investment, offering significant energy savings, a long lifespan, and eco-friendly benefits. By understanding the different types, wattages, and price ranges in Bangladesh, you can make informed decisions when purchasing.

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the advantages of using LED tube lights in Bangladesh?

LED tube lights offer numerous benefits compared to traditional fluorescent tubes. They are energy savings, leading to lower electricity bills. It lasts much longer than fluorescent tubes, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. Flicker-free, bright, and consistent light for better visibility and reduced eye strain. Suitable for various settings, from offices to factories and schools.</p>

How much do LED tube lights cost in Bangladesh?

The price varies depending on factors like wattage, size, features, brand, and retailer. Here’s a general range:

Wattage Price Range (BDT)
15W 250 – 500
20W 300 – 600
30W 400 – 700
40W 500 – 800
50W 600 – 900
60W 800 – 1200

What type of LED tube light is best for my needs in Bangladesh?

  • The ideal choice depends on your specific application:
  • Standard Offices/Classrooms: Opt for basic T5, and T8 LED tube lights (15W-20W).
  • Harsh Environments: Choose tri-proof LED tube lights for durability.</li>
  • Adjustable Brightness: Consider dimmable LED tube lights for flexible control.</li>
  • Emergency Backup: Opt for emergency backup LED tube lights for safety during outages.
  • High Light Requirements: Choose high-lumen output LED tube lights (50W-60W) for industrial spaces.

Can I replace my existing fluorescent tubes with LED tube lights?

In most cases, yes. T8 LED tube lights are designed as a direct replacement for traditional T8 fluorescent tubes. Ensure the new LED tube light has the same length as your existing fluorescent tube.

Where can I buy LED tube lights in Bangladesh?

You can find your desired LED tube light from Circle Interior Ltd. They offer a wide selection with expert advice. They also have competitive prices, a broader selection, and easy delivery options.

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