Magnetic Light Price In Bangladesh

Magnetic Light Price In Bangladesh

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While LED bulbs have revolutionized general lighting, magnetic lights offer a unique and practical solution for specific tasks and environments. In Bangladesh, where workshops, garages, and industrial spaces are common, magnetic lights provide a versatile and efficient lighting option. This article will provide you with a clear idea about Magnetic Light’s importance, specifications, types, and prices in Bangladesh.

Importance of Magnetic Lights in Bangladesh

Targeted Illumination: Magnetic lights attach directly to metal surfaces. Unlike traditional hanging fixtures, it directs light precisely where it’s needed.

Portability and Flexibility: Magnetic Lights can easily detach and reposition the lights for various tasks. It offers greater adaptability in dynamic workspaces.

Durability: These lights are built to withstand tough environments. Magnetic lights are ideal for workshops, garages, and industrial settings.

Energy Efficiency: Many magnetic lights use LED technology, reducing energy consumption and lowering electricity bills.

Understanding Magnetic Light

Magnetic lights primarily use LED bulbs for illumination. The specifications listed below apply to the LED bulbs within the magnetic light fixture.


  • 15W-25W: Suitable for task lighting in small work areas.
  • 30W-50W: Ideal for providing broader illumination in workshops and garages.
  • 100W: Suitable for large industrial spaces requiring high light output.

Chip: Osram, Cree, and Bridgelux are reputable brands known for reliable and efficient LED chips.

Voltage: In Bangladesh, The voltage range for magnetic lights is around 85-245V. This is compatible with Bangladesh’s electrical grid.

Body Color: While there are many color options available. White is the most common color, offering a clean and modern look.

Color Temperature:

  • 3000K (Warm White): Creates a comfortable atmosphere for certain tasks.
  • 4000K (Neutral White): Provides balanced light for most work environments.
  • 6000K (Cool White): Offers bright and energizing light for maximum visibility.

Lumens: 100 Lumen Per Watt: A standard measure of light output. Higher lumens indicate a brighter light.

Guarantee: Circle Interior provides 2 Years guarantee. It ensures quality and protects your investment.

Types of Magnetic Lights Available in Bangladesh

  • Work Lights: Compact and portable, ideal for close-up tasks and tight spaces.
  • Bar Lights: Offer linear illumination, suitable for workbenches and long surfaces.
  • Flood Lights: Provide broad beam coverage for larger areas.
  • Flexible Neck Lights: Adjustable heads allow for precise light direction.

Checklist Before Buying Magnetic Lights

  • Wattage: Choose the appropriate wattage based on the desired brightness and work area size.
  • Color Temperature: Select a color temperature that suits the task and atmosphere.
  • Lumens: Consider the required light output for your workspace.
  • Magnet Strength: Ensure the magnet can securely hold the light on the metal surface.
  • Durability: Look for lights with sturdy construction for long-lasting use.

Price of Magnetic Lights in Bangladesh

The price of magnetic lights in Bangladesh varies depending on factors like wattage, size, features, and brand. Here’s a general idea:

  • Small work lights (15-20W): ৳500 – ৳1000
  • Bar lights (20-30W): ৳1000 – ৳1500
  • Flood lights (50W and above): ৳1500 – ৳2500

Magnetic lights offer a valuable investment for workshops, garages, and industrial spaces. Their portability, durability, and targeted illumination make them a practical and energy-efficient solution.

Frequently Ask Questions

How much do magnetic LED lights cost in Bangladesh?

The price of magnetic LED lights in Bangladesh varies depending on several factors, including: Wattage, Size, Features, Brand etc. Higher wattage lights generally cost more. Larger lights with broader coverage tend to be more expensive. Lights with adjustable necks, dimming capabilities, or higher CRI will have a higher price tag.  The price range can be around ৳500 – ৳2500 as per technical specifications.

What is the average price range for magnetic LED lights in Bangladesh?

As a general estimate, magnetic LED lights in Bangladesh can range from:

  • ৳500 – ৳1000 for small work lights (15-20W).
  • ৳1000 – ৳1500 for bar lights (20-30W).
  • ৳1500 – ৳2500 for flood lights (50W and above).



Where can I find the best deals on magnetic LED lights in Bangladesh?

Currently, Circle Interior Ltd are selling Magnetic LED Light in Bangladesh. If you want to purchase Magnetic light, contact with them.

Are there any warranties offered on magnetic LED lights?

Most reputable brands offer warranties on their magnetic LED lights, typically ranging from 1 to 2 years. This warranty ensures quality and protects your investment in case of any malfunctions.

Are magnetic LED lights a good value for money?

While the initial cost might be slightly higher than traditional lighting options, magnetic LED lights offer significant benefits:

  • Energy efficiency: Save on electricity bills over time due to low power consumption.
  • Durability: Built to withstand harsh environments, with a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.
  • Versatility: Portable and adaptable for various tasks and workspaces.

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