Sand Price in Bangladesh

Sand Price in Bangladesh

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Sand is an important building resource that is widely used also in Bangladesh. It is a fine aggregate that includes many applications. For concrete, backfill, gardening, and surface treatment sand is a must component. As Bangladesh is a land of rivers, most of the sands are collected from the river. But due to region, there are differences in sands. These particular sands are better for certain uses than others. It is important to know what sand is best for construction. In this article, we’ll get an overview about types, uses, sand price in Bangladesh, buying process and more. Let’s dive in.

What is Sand?

Sand is a material obtained naturally from locations like rivers, seas, beaches, and deserts. Sand is a type of granular substance made up of tiny fragments of rock and minerals. It forms through weathering, erosion, and the breakdown of larger rocks over time. The size of sands typically falls within the range of 0.0625 to 3 millimeters in diameter. The composition of sand depends on its source. Due to mineral variations, the color of sand can be white, yellow, brown, and even black.

Sand is found in various environments, such as beaches, deserts, and riverbanks. It plays an important role in the construction sector including shaping landscapes and ecosystems.

How to know good quality sand?

Grain Shape – Good sand grains should be well-rounded and have a smooth surface. Fine sand is good for mortar and plaster. Medium coarse sand is ideal for concrete. Consider the specific application when choosing grain size. Sand Price in Bangladesh depends on different grain shaped.

Color – The color of good quality sands should be consistent and free from excessive dark patches or staining.

Particle Size – The sand should have a consistent particle size distribution. Ideally, it should contain fine, medium, and coarse particles. It allows for better packing and reduces the chances of segregation.

Strength – For high-strength structural purposes, the strength of sand is very important. Choose sand with a fineness modulus (FM) between 2.5 and 2.8.

Texture – Rub the sand between your fingers. It should feel gritty and not sticky. Clay or excessive moisture will make it stick.

Cleanliness – Look for minimal presence of clay, organic matter, or debris like wood chips or pebbles.

Appropriate Moisture – The sand shouldn’t be overly wet or dry. Slightly damp sand (clumping together slightly) is ideal for most uses.

Chemical Reaction – Sand should be chemically inert, meaning it does not react with the materials it comes into contact with. It is particularly important in applications where sand is used as a base for concrete or as a component in chemical processes.

Availability – Good quality sand should be readily available and accessible from reliable sources. It ensures a consistent supply and reduces the chances of delays in construction or other projects.

Different Types of Sand in Bangladesh

Sylhet Sand (সিলেট বালু) – Sylhet Sand is a unique and most used construction sand in Bangladesh. This sand is from Sylhet region of Bangladesh, particularly around the Surma River. The vibrant color makes it easily markable from other types of sand. There is also the size of Sylhet Sand 2.5. For its large particles, it offers excellent strength and durability. Sylhet sand is preferable for Blocks, slabs, and other prefabricated concrete components. Sylhet Sand Price In Bangladesh Per Cft is about Tk. 70 to Tk. 80. Circle Interior collects different kinds of sand from several areas including Bholaganj, and Bisnakandi, and delivers directly to customers. They offer the lowest price of Sylhet sand in Bangladesh.

Viti Bali (ভিটি বালু) – Viti Bali is a widely popular construction material in various types of construction projects. It is good to make various materials such as concrete, mortar, and plaster, filling work. They are different colors, including light brown, gray, and red. It is usually medium to coarse-grained and has a slightly irregular shape.

Astor Bali (আস্তর বালু) – Astor Bali is another construction material of construction projects. It is usually collect from rivers or canals and then filtrated and washed for different grades and qualities. This sand is mainly used for making the lining smooth and flat.

Durgapur Selection Sand (দুর্গাপুর সিলেকশন বালু) – Durgapur Selection Sand has strength and coarse texture which makes it perfect for buildings, bridges, and other critical infrastructure projects. There are also different sizes like Durgapur Selection Sand 2.5 – 2.8.

Durgapur Sand 2.5 – This is slightly coarser than typical river sand, offering better workability and compaction for some applications.

Durgapur Lal Bali (Red Sand) (দুর্গাপুর লাল বালু) – Lal Bali is perfect for Landscaping and decorative purposes. The vibrant red color increase beauty for walkways, garden features, or as a decorative element in construction.

Bhuapur Sand – Bhuapur sand is a construction material that originates from Bhuapur upazila in the Tangail district of Bangladesh. It is popular for its white color and high quality. Bhuapur sand is generally slightly coarser and stronger than river sand. Tangail Bhuapur Sand is also good for making plaster. This makes the plaster strong and durable.

Local Sand – Apart from these sands there are many Types Of Sand In Bangladesh. Bhuyapur Sada Mota Astor Plaster Balu, Bhuapur Mota Bali, Sylhet Lal Bali, Padma Sada Bali, Paksi Bali, and White Sand are also popular in the construction sand category. Depends on the sands, the Sand Price In Bangladesh can be different.

Sand is an essential component in the construction industry. It is a key component for concrete, mortar also for other basic building materials. However, it is important to remain concerned about selecting the right sands. In addition, before using sand for building, it is important to conduct thorough research into its qualities.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the price of sand in Bangladesh per CFT?

Sand in Bangladesh is available at different prices based on quality, extraction location, and type. The price of local sand ranges from Tk 20 to Tk 27 per CFT. And, prices of Sylhet sand or red sand range from Tk 40 to Tk 52 per CFT based on size. However, vita sand is available at the cheapest price.

How much is 1 CFT of sand?

1 cubic ft = 1/35.31=0.0283 cum. Bulk density of dry sand=1600 kg/cum approx. hence 1 cft sand weigh= 0.0283 x 1600=45.3 kg.

Where can I find the best quality sand?

Circle Interior Ltd. is one of the top-rated construction materials sellers in Bangladesh. They sell various types Of Sand In Bangladesh.

What is the price of one truck of sand in Bangladesh?

On average, a truck of white sand is sold for Tk1,500 while a truck of yellow-colored sand is sold for Tk7,000. Every year, traders sell sand worth Tk113 crore in the market.

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