Segun Wood Door Price In Bangladesh

Segun Wood Door Price In Bangladesh

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Mr. Jahangir Khurshid
Mr. Masud Alam
Mrs. Synthea
Mr. Malek
Mrs. Sabina
Mr. Nasiruddin
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When it comes to building your dream home, there are many decisions to make. One important decision is choosing the right doors, which are not only important for the look of your home but also for their functionality. In Bangladesh, Segun wood is known for its durability, elegance, and timeless appeal. However, before you decide on a Segun door, it’s important to understand its price. This guide will give you a comprehensive overview of Segun wood door price in Bangladesh, including the factors that influence them and alternative options to consider.

Why Segun Wood?

Segun, also called Burmese Teak, is highly popular for its outstanding characteristics. Its compact texture showcases impressive durability and resilience, effortlessly preventing warping, cracking, and insect attacks. Segun doors endure the passage of time, adorning your home for many generations with their beautiful golden color and natural patterns. The wood’s natural oils provide built-in waterproofing, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, Segun’s slow-growth nature makes it a sustainable choice.

Factors Affecting Segun Wood Door Price in Bangladesh

Let’s now explore some important factors that determine the cost of your desired Segun door.

Wood Quality: Segun wood is classified into different grades depending on its age, origin, and the presence of knots. Premium-grade Segun, which is naturally pricier, provides exceptional strength and beauty.

Door Design: Plain single doors are more affordable than intricately carved double doors or those adorned with glass panels. Custom designs naturally come at a premium.

Door Size: Larger doors naturally need more wood, which increases the price.

Manufacturer: Renowned brands that have good reputations often charge higher prices because they have stricter quality control and use premium craftsmanship.

Location: Prices can vary slightly depending on your location in Bangladesh, with metropolitan areas generally experiencing higher costs.

Segun Wood Price per Cft in Bangladesh

Segun wood in Bangladesh costs between BDT 5,000 and BDT 12,000 per cubic foot (cft), depending on its grade and source. Keep in mind that this is only the cost of the raw material, and the final price of the door will include other factors such as design, hardware, and finishing.

Exploring Alternatives

While Segun’s allure is undeniable, understanding other options is crucial for informed decision-making:

Akij Wooden Doors: Akij doors are well-known for their excellent quality and affordability. They are made using different types of wood such as Mahogany and Gamari, providing a cost-effective option. The starting price for these doors is approximately BDT 4,000.

Partex Wooden Doors: Partex doors are famous for their stylish and contemporary designs. They are crafted using engineered wood to ensure enhanced durability and protection against moisture. The cost of these doors can begin from BDT 6,000 each.

Regal Wooden Doors: Regal doors are experts in detailed carvings and classic designs, perfect for those who appreciate tradition. Prices for each door can begin at BDT 8,000.

Rfl Wooden Doors: Rfl doors are a popular option for modern houses, providing a variety of designs and materials such as PVC and composite wood. The cost of these doors can begin at BDT 3,000 each.

Gamari Wooden Doors: Gamari wood is a strong and affordable option compared to Segun. It provides similar protection against weather and lasts long. The cost for a door can begin at BDT 4,500.

Tips for Finding the Best Segun Wood Door Price

Shop around: Compare prices from various manufacturers and wood vendors to ensure you’re getting the best value.

Check out Online sources: There are many options online for buying wooden doors. Nowadays online marketplaces offer attractive discounts. You can check Circle Interior website to purchase your favorite segun wood door at a competitive price.

Consider the warranty: A strong warranty shows trust in the product and safeguards your investment.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate: Negotiating for a better price is always an option, especially when purchasing in large quantities.

Look for seasonal discounts: A lot of manufacturers give out special discounts during festive seasons or clearance sales. Try to take these offers.

Choosing a Segun wood door is a wise investment that guarantees quality, beauty, and long-lasting worth. By considering the factors that affect its cost and exploring other choices, you can make a well-informed decision that suits both your budget and design preferences. Keep in mind that your doorway is more than just an entrance; it reflects your individual style and warmly welcomes you home.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the price of Segun wooden doors in Bangladesh?

The cost of Segun wooden doors in Bangladesh can vary greatly due to different factors, making it challenging to provide a definite answer. However, we can give you a price range and some factors to consider when estimating the cost:

Price Range:

Segun wood per cubic foot (cft): BDT 5,000 – BDT 12,000

Door price: This is determined by multiplying the wood cost by the door’s volume and adding the expenses for hardware, finishing, and design elements. Prices can range from:

Single plain door: BDT 15,000 – BDT 30,000

Double door: BDT 30,000 – BDT 50,000

Intricately carved or glass-paneled doors: BDT 40,000 – BDT 70,000 or more.

Is Segun Wood the most expensive door option?

Segun doors are definitely a top-notch option, but whether they’re the priciest or not depends on various factors such as the grade, design intricacy, and alternative choices. Generally, Segun doors are positioned at a high price point, but there are still options that can compete with them in terms of affordability and customization.

Which grade of Segun wood is best for doors?

Consider your specific needs and preferences to determine the best grade. Take into account your budget, the location of the door, your design preferences, and sustainability concerns. This will help you make a well-informed decision.

Grade A: Ideal for high-end applications, offering exceptional strength, durability, and stunning aesthetics, but comes at the highest price.

Grade B: Offers good quality and affordability, often the optimal choice for balancing cost and performance for doors.

Grade C: Most affordable but comes with lower density and potential imperfections, suitable for non-critical interior doors where aesthetics are secondary.

Remember, even Grade B and C Segun offer excellent strength and durability compared to other door materials. Don’t hesitate to discuss your specific needs with a reputable wood supplier for their expert advice on the best grade for your door project.

Where can I buy Segun wood doors in Bangladesh?

You have several options for buying Segun wood doors in Bangladesh, depending on your budget, preferred location, and desired level of customization. You can find the perfect Segun wood doors at Traditional Wood Markets, Retail Wood Showrooms, and Online Retailers like Circle Interior Ltd. etc.

How do I maintain Segun wood doors?

To maintain the beautiful look of materials, it is important to take proper care of them so that they can last for many years. Use a soft cloth or feather duster to remove dust and cobwebs every week. If you need a more thorough cleaning, mix mild liquid dish soap with lukewarm water. Take a soft sponge, dip it in the solution, and wring it out well. Gently wipe down the door, being careful not to use too much water. Afterward, dry it immediately with a cloth that doesn’t leave lint. Avoid using harsh cleaners, ammonia, or bleach, as they can harm the wood’s finish and natural oils.

Product Reviews

Mr. Jahangir Khurshid

From Dhaka on 19th September, 2023

This door is fantastic! Beautiful craftsmanship, solid construction, and feels incredibly secure. So happy with this upgrade to my home!

Mr. Nasiruddin

From Dhaka on 12th August, 2022

Great value for the price. Easy to install and looks fantastic. Makes a big difference in the noise reduction between rooms.

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