Track Lights Price In Bangladesh

Track Lights Price In Bangladesh

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Track lights are no longer just commercial fixtures. They’re revolutionizing home lighting in Bangladesh with their modern design, adjustable functionality, and energy efficiency. These versatile lighting solutions offer endless possibilities for highlighting specific areas, creating dramatic effects, and tailoring the ambiance to your mood. In this article, you’ll get an proper idea about Track light design, installation process, price in Bangladesh.

Sleek Design of Track Light

Track lights are available in versatile lighting option. They can easily integrate into modern and contemporary spaces. The integration help to enhance the overall aesthetic. Track lights can be easily adjusted to meet specific lighting needs. The tracks can be mounted on walls or ceilings. Overall, track lights offer a different and stylish lighting solution for any space.

Effortless Installation

The installation process of Track lights is incredibly simple and hassle-free. You can effortlessly mount the track on any surface of your choice. With a variety of options available, you can choose the perfect lights to suit your needs and preferences. Furthermore, track lights offer the added benefit of being easily expandable. Moreover, Track lights are allowing you to effortlessly create the ideal ambiance for any space.

Tailored Illumination with Knob Switch Control

Each spotlight on the track features a knob switch. This will allow you to easily turn individual lights on or off. This personalized control lets you highlight specific areas. Create layered lighting effects, or adjust the overall brightness to suit your needs.

Energy-Efficient LED Technology

Track lights utilize LED bulbs. It is renowned for their energy efficiency and long lifespan. Choose from a wide range of wattage options like 3W, 7W, 10W, 15W, 8W, 14W, 24W, 25W, 38W, 32W, 40W. This will offer you to find the perfect balance between brightness and energy consumption. In Bangladesh, Track Light price changes due to wattage difference.

Universal Compatibility Of Track Light

Operating on a standard voltage range (220V). Track lights work seamlessly with most electrical systems in Bangladesh. They cater to diverse applications. From illuminating kitchens and bars to adding drama to living rooms, dining areas, restaurants, and even entrances.

Durable and Adaptable

Track lights are crafted from aluminum, metal, synthetic, and glass materials. These lights offer durability and style. Choose from IP ratings (IP20, IP40, IP60) to suit your needs. It also offer options for dustproof, splash proof, or even waterproof applications.

Color Temperature for Every Mood

Select the perfect color temperature (2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, and 6000K). Right color temperature will help you to create the desired ambiance. Opt for warm white for a cozy feel, cool white for enhanced focus, or daylight white for a natural and vibrant atmosphere.

Unmatched Versatility with 360° Rotation

The true magic of track lights lies in their adjustable heads. Each light can rotate up to 360 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees. This will allow you to direct light precisely where you need it. This flexibility makes them ideal for highlighting artwork, creating reading nooks, or showcasing architectural features.

Affordable Customization of Track Light

Now for the key question: Track Light Price in Bangladesh. The beauty of track lights lies in their wide range of options and price points. From basic single-track systems to elaborate multi-track setups with various wattage and color temperature options, you can find track lights that perfectly match your style and budget.

Invest in versatility, functionality, and modern design with track lights in Bangladesh. Explore the diverse options available and unleash your inner lighting designer, creating a space that reflects your unique personality and style.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the price of track light 24 watt in Bangladesh?

The cost of track light can vary significantly depending on several factors like Brand and quality, Features, Store and location etc.

However, to give you a rough range, expect a 24-watt track light in Bangladesh to cost between:

    • ৳250 – ৳500 for basic models.
    • ৳500 – ৳1000 for mid-range options with better quality or features.
    • ৳1000+ for premium brands or lights with advanced features.
  •  This is just an estimate, and it’s always best to check specific stores and models for accurate pricing.

What is the price of 15W track light in Bangladesh?

The cost of 15W track light can vary significantly depending on several factors like Brand and quality, Features, Store and location etc. The price of a 15W track light could range from ৳1,200 to ৳2,200 for basic models, and potentially higher for lights with more features or from premium brands.

What is the price of 16w track light in Bangladesh?

The cost of 16W track light can vary significantly depending on several factors like Brand and quality, Features, Store and location etc.

However, to give you a rough estimate, based on limited online information, 16W track lights in Bangladesh could range from:

  • ৳ 600 to ৳ 1,000 for basic models.
  • ৳ 1,000 to ৳ 2,000 for mid-range options with better features.
  • ৳ 2,000 or more for premium brands and designs.

This is just an estimate, and it’s always best to check with specific retailers for accurate pricing based on your desired features and brand.

What colors are available in track light in Bangladesh?

There are different colors available in track light. The available colors of track light in Bangladesh are White 6500K, Natural White 4000K, Warm 3000K

How much wattage are available for spotlight in Bangladesh?

Spotlights in Bangladesh come in a wide range of wattages, catering to various needs and preferences.  The range is widely available, from 3W for soft accents to 50W+ for powerful outdoor use.

  • Low Power (3-10W): Accent lighting, small areas, energy-efficient LEDs.
  • Medium Power (12-40W): General room lighting, task lighting, LED & halogen options.
  • High Power (50W+): Outdoor uses, large features, mostly halogen but powerful LED

Where can I use track spot light?

From showcasing art at home to highlighting products in stores, track spotlights offer adaptable lighting solutions. Use them to accentuate features, create task lighting, or even personalize the mood of your space. Track spot light are perfectly suitable for home lighting, clothing store, exhibition store, kitchen, office. Their versatility goes beyond homes, shining in businesses, museums, and even outdoors, making them a popular choice for both function and flair.

Product Reviews

Mr. Shahidul Islam Sohel

From Dhaka on 10th March, 2022

This track lighting kit has been a game-changer for us. The adjustable heads and customizable track layout allow us to highlight each piece precisely. The color rendering is excellent, bringing out the true colors.

Ms. Sofia Islam

From Dhaka on 13th April, 2021

Flora Limited own multiple showrooms, and these commercial-grade track lights have been a game-changer for showcasing our products. The adjustable beams allow us to highlight specific products, creating an inviting and visually appealing display.

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