Are you planning to make your swimming pool, dock, or pond look more beautiful? Underwater waterproof lights is an unbeatable option when you’re about to decor your swimming pool, dock, or pond. These lights not only make your water shine but also brings a sense of class and style. There is a wide variety of underwater waterproof lights available in Bangladesh. In this article, we’ll give you an overall idea about different sizes, types, wattages, materials, colors, designs, brightness levels, qualities, installation styles, light coverage, and Underwater Waterproof Light Price In Bangladesh.


The size of the waterproof light is depend on your size of your water feature. Such, a large swimming pool require larger lights than small pond. Additionally, the size of the light can affect how bright it is and how much area it can cover.


There are many different kinds of lights for underwater. Each light Such as submersible LED lights, solar lights, dock lights, Pond Lights and spotlights has specifically designed for specific purpose. These LED lights are known for being energy-efficient and lasting a long time, making them a popular choice.


Underwater Waterproof Light energy consumption and brightness depends on the wattage. For example, a 20 watt LED underwater light can produce up to 2000 lumens brightness. There are also high-wattage options available. They can produce more brightness as per lumens and Watt. Underwater Waterproof Light Price In Bangladesh changes for different types of watts.

Body Material

As the underwater light remain under the water, the body material of the light should be durable and resistant to water. Stainless steel and ABS+UV are common material used for body material. Stainless steel is particularly popular for its strong corrosion resistance.


Color is a very important factor when it is come to a question at decoration. The color can transform the environment from simple to gorgeous. Underwater lights are available in various colors, including multi-color options. Some lights offers the ability to change colors. It helps to add a dynamic element to your water feature.


Underwater Waterproof Light are available in a lot of design. You can find a lot of design in Swimming Pool, Dock Lights, Pond Lights, Submersible LED, Solar Lights, LED Underwater, LED Light, Pool Light, Spot Light, Solar Underwater, Solar powered etc. The design can vary from basic and practical to complex and ornamental. This light can be attached on the surface. Also you can be installed completely submerged. Each design enhance the overall ambiance and visual appeal.


Lumen refers to the measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source. Higher lumen emits brighter light. For example, a light that has 2000 lumens will shine brighter compared to a light that only has 150 lumens. Different types of lumens has different Price In Bangladesh.


Good quality Underwater Waterproof Light has good performance and long life span. IP68 rated lights are typically consider as high-quality lights. They are dust-tight and protected against complete, continuous submersion in water.

Installation Style

You can install underwater lights in many ways. It can be surface-mounted or fully submersible styles. The Installation Style depends on your specific needs and the design of your water feature.

Light Coverage

Before choosing light, be sure about the coverage. The coverage capacity of a light plays an important role in decoration. If you have large water features, try to choose lights that can illuminate a wide area.


The price of underwater waterproof lights in Bangladesh depends on a number of factors, including type, size, brand, features etc.

Here are some examples of the prices of underwater waterproof lights in Bangladesh. Note that, this price can change any time. Check the updated price before buying.

Small, battery-powered lights: These lights can be found for as little as ৳200.

Medium-sized, AC-powered lights: These lights typically range in price from ৳1,000 to ৳5,000.

Large, high-powered lights: These lights can cost ৳10,000 or more.

When purchasing underwater waterproof light in Bangladesh, consider the size, type, wattage, body material, color, design, lumen, quality, installation style, light coverage, and price. Also whether you’re selecting the light for your swimming pool, dock, or pond make sure that’s perfect for your needs.