Wood Price in Bangladesh

Wood Price in Bangladesh

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From the floors we walk on to the furniture we cherish, wood planks silently undergird our daily lives. But have you ever stopped to consider the true importance of wood planks? Beyond their practicality, these humble building blocks hold stories of history, sustainability, and craftsmanship. If you’re looking for detailed information about wood details and price ranges. This guide offers estimated ranges to help you make informed choices. Wood price in Bangladesh can vary due to factors such as type, quality, size, and location. It’s important to verify the exact costs with timber merchants in your area before making a purchase.

Mango Wood

Mango Wood is well-known for its beautiful golden color and unique veining. It is a popular choice for a variety of uses. It contain a medium density and smooth grain. Mango Wood is popular for carving, furniture making, and creating decorative pieces.

Color/Appearance: Mango woods are available in warm golden brown, often with streaks of darker brown or yellowish hues. These colors create a welcoming and soothing atmosphere. It can be used in interior design, fashion, or any other creative endeavor. This color choice brings a sense of warmth and tranquility, making it a popular and timeless option.

Grain/Texture: The straight lines of mango wood create a clean and modern aesthetic, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

Rot Resistance: Mango wood can be a long-lasting and sustainable choice for your home décor with the right care and maintenance. Its natural resistance to moisture makes it a great choice for furniture and other household items.

Workability: Mango wood is a versatile material that is relatively easy to work with using both hand and power tools. Mango wood has medium density, which makes it easy to cut, shape, and carve. Its straight grain and smooth texture make it less prone to splintering or tearing, resulting in a smoother finish.

Common Uses: Mango wood is a popular choice for creating various furniture, cabinets, doors, decorative items, carvings, and even toys.

Mango Wood Price In Bangladesh: The Price of mango wood in Bangladesh typically ranges from ৳500-1,000 per cubic foot for lower-grade wood to ৳1,500-2,500 per cubic foot for premium planks. Seasoned and treated wood may incur higher costs.

Gorjon Wood

Gorjon Wood is well-known for its strong characteristics, beautiful reddish-brown hue, and impressive longevity. It is a top-pick choice for building, furniture, and ship construction. With its dense composition and natural oils, it offers excellent protection against decay and pests.

Color/Appearance: Rich reddish-brown, often with darker streaks and a distinctive luster.

Grain/Texture: Coarse and interlocked, offering excellent strength and stability.

Rot Resistance: Highly resistant to decay and insect infestation.

Workability: More challenging to work with due to its density, requiring specialized tools and expertise.

Sustainability: Concerns exist regarding over-exploitation in some regions. Choosing certified sustainable sources is crucial.

Common Uses: Construction beams, furniture, doors, windows, boatbuilding, flooring.

Gorjon Wood Price In Bangladesh: Prices typically range from ৳2,000-3,000 per cubic feet for lower-grade wood to ৳4,000-5,000 per cubic feet for premium planks. Prices can be significantly higher for large beams and construction-grade timber.

Burma Teak Wood

Prized for its exceptional durability, warm golden color, and fine grain, Burma Teak Wood reigns supreme as the king of luxury timbers. Its natural oils offer unparalleled resistance to rot, insects, and even harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for high-end furniture, outdoor applications, and heirloom pieces.

Burma Teak Wood is highly valued for its remarkable strength, beautiful golden hue, and exquisite texture. It is considered the ultimate choice for luxurious timber. With its inherent oils, it provides unmatched protection against decay, pests, and even extreme weather. It is perfect for upscale furniture, outdoor use, and cherished heirlooms.

Color/Appearance: Rich golden brown, often with a golden yellow hue and subtle darker streaks.

Grain/Texture: Fine and even, offering a smooth and luxurious finish.

Rot Resistance: Exceptionally resistant to decay, insects, and even harsh weather conditions.

Workability: Moderately difficult to work with due to its density, requiring skilled craftsmanship.

Sustainability: Due to over-exploitation and deforestation concerns, sustainably sourced certified Burma Teak Wood is crucial.

Common Uses: High-end furniture, doors, windows, boatbuilding, decking, sculptures, carvings.

Burma Teak Wood Price In Bangladesh: Prices typically range from ৳5,000-7,000 per cubic feet for lower-grade wood to ৳10,000-15,000 per cubic feet for premium planks. Due to its rarity and sustainability concerns, the cost of Burma Teak Wood can be significantly higher depending on the source and certification.

Remember, these are indicative prices and may vary based on market fluctuations, location, and specific wood quality. Always get quotes from reputable timber merchants and inquire about certification to ensure responsible sourcing and sustainable practices.

Frequently Ask Questions

Which wood is best in Bangladesh?

Determining the “best” wood in Bangladesh depends entirely on your specific needs and priorities. Mango Wood is affordable, versatile, and good for furniture, carvings, and decorative items. Gorjon Wood is Strong, durable, and excellent for construction, furniture, and outdoor applications but considers sustainability concerns. Burma Teak Wood is a Premium choice, with exceptional durability, and beautiful aesthetics, ideal for high-end furniture, outdoor projects, and heirloom pieces but highly expensive and needs sustainable sourcing. Ultimately, the “best” wood is the one that meets your specific needs and aligns with your values.

What is the price of Mango wood per CFT in Bangladesh?

The price of Mango wood per CFT in Bangladesh varies depending on several factors, including Quality, Size and dimensions, Treatment, Location, etc. For lower-grade Mango wood, the expected prices range from ৳500-1,000 per cubic feet. For premium planks, the prices can go up to ৳1,500-2,500 per cubic feet.

What is the price of Gorjon wood per CFT in Bangladesh?

The price of Gorjon wood per CFT in Bangladesh varies depending on several factors, including Quality, Size and dimensions, Treatment, Location etc. Here’s a general range for Gorjon wood prices in Bangladesh:

Lower-grade wood: Tk 2,000-3,000 per cubic feet.

Premium planks: Tk 4,000-5,000 per cubic feet.

Large beams and construction-grade timber: Prices can be significantly higher, reaching Tk 6,000 or even more per cubic feet.

What is the price of Burma Teak wood per CFT in Bangladesh?

The price of Burma Teak wood per cubic feet (CFT) in Bangladesh ranges widely depending on several factors including Quality, Size and dimensions, Treatment, Location etc.

Lower grade: ৳5,000-7,000 per CFT

Premium: ৳10,000-15,000 per CFT

What is the most expensive wood in Bangladesh?

Agarwood is one of the most expensive non-timber, resinous heartwood, mainly traded in three forms: woodchips, wood dust/powder, and oil.

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