A Workstation is a part and parcel of an office. Where there is an office, there must have workstation. The workstation is more than just place to store your coffee mug or paperwork. It is place where an employee spend most of the time. A good work station can improve your productivity and can lead a successful workday. So buying a good workstation is an important factor. In this article, we’ll give you technical information, popular types along with Work Station desk price in bd.

Why a Quality Workstation Desk Matters

A well-designed workstation desk is more than just a design. It greatly impacts your office environment. Right selection of work station can create a perfect office interior design.

  • Productivity: Select a work station that has right size, features, and customization. These options can streamline your workflow and boost efficiency.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic features is required for long work time. Features like adjustable heights and ample legroom prevent fatigue and promote healthy posture.
  • Health: Poor posture and a disorganized workspace can lead to musculoskeletal problems. A well-designed workstation desk encourages better posture and reduces health issue.
  • Motivation: A workspace that reflects your personality. A good workstation design can enhance your mood and motivation.

Type of Workstation in Bangladesh

The type of workstation depends on office space, employee numbers and so on. Here are some popular type of workstation in Bangladesh that used in most offices.

  • Single Workstation Desk: Single workstation desk is good option for small offices. Its classic and compact design easily fits for one person. Some single workstation can be big like Managing Director Table, Director Table or Manager Table.
  • Double Workstation Desk: Perfect for shared workspaces or co-working areas. Double workstation is ideal for spaces where brainstorming or team work required.
  • Standing Workstation Desk: Standing workstation allow you to work while you’re standing. This promotes better posture and reduces the risk of health problems associated with prolonged sitting.
  • L-Shaped Workstation Desk: L-Shaped workstation is a space saving office furniture. It utilizes corner spaces. It also offer a dedicated work area and additional surface area for storage or multiple monitors.
  • U-Shaped Workstation Desk: If you need a large workspaces or cubicles, U Shaped workstation is ideal for you. It provides big work surface and storage options.

Materials of Office Workstation

In Bangladesh, Wood, metal, glass, plastic are some of the common material for crafting furniture. These materials are also used in making office workstation:

  • Wood: Wood is most common material in Bangladesh for furniture. You will find elegant office workstation that made from wood. Wood offers a sense of warmth and tradition. It is also durable.
  • Laminate: At present, people are design conscious. With different type of lamination, you can create different design. These lamination are affordable and durable. Also, they available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.
  • Metal: Minimal design with metal body is a trend now. Most of the offices uses office workstations that are combinations of wood & metal.
  • Glass: Glass adds luxury feel into the workstation. MD, Director’s workstations are commonly uses glass for creating a premium status.

Features of Office Workstation

You’ll find different kinds of office workstation in Bangladesh. Each have different design & facilities. But there are some default features that need to have in office workstation

Adjustable Height Desks: The height of the desk should be adjustable. This will allow you to customization for optimal ergonomic comfort.

Cable Management Systems: Keep your workspace organized and free of tangled wires. By optimizing some channel, you can easily optimize your cable.

Drawers and Cabinets : Include drawers and cabinets to organize your items. This will help you to keep the desk clean and tidy.

Monitor Stands: Improve monitor height for better ergonomics and viewing comfort.

The Bangladeshi office market focusing on functionality and space optimization. Here’s a look at some popular workstation desk choices:

  • Modern Minimalist Desks: In recent, customers are focusing on clean lines, simple designing and high-quality materials. Minimal workstation represents all those solution.
  • L-Shaped Desks with Storage: If you want to maximizing space and keeping essentials organized, L-shaped desk with cabinet is ideal for you.
  • Standing Desks: Gaining popularity for their health benefits and improved productivity.
  • Modular Workstation Desks: Offer flexibility by allowing configuration changes to suit different needs.

Office Workstation Price In Bangladesh

Office workstation price in Bangladesh depends on different factors such as size, material, features etc. Here is general pricing idea for you:

  • Basic Single Office Workstation Desks: ৳5,000 – ৳10,000
  • Modern L-Shaped Desks with Storage: ৳20,000 – ৳40,000
  • Adjustable Height Desks: ৳30,000 – ৳50,000+

Checklist before buying office workstation in Bangladesh

Workstation is an important furniture for an office. Some things should be consider before buying a good office workstation. A perfect workstation can improve the work performance of your employees. Here are some points to find out best office workstation.

Office Space: Measuring office space is the pre-task before buying a workstation. Select a workstation that fits perfectly in your space. Ensure some free spaces around the workstation so that anyone can move easily.

Work Style: Consider your typical work activities. If you have multiple monitor and lots of paper work, you should select big workstation. For consultation type work, a minimal and small workstation will be enough.

Ergonomics: Ergonomic workstation is a good choice for health benefits. They allow you to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. They ensure better posture and keep you fit.

Storage: You can keep your office workstation clean by using a storage. Under desk cabinet is a good solution for you. If you have a lot of files or office supplies, use a storage to keep your files.

Design: Select a design that matches your offices overall design. If your office have big space, you can use L-shaped workstation. For a smaller space, choose small workstation or modular workstation.

For creating a perfect office space, a perfect office workstation is must. Circle Interior offer you the best office workstation in Bangladesh. You’ll get a wide range of workstation with options of customization.