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Sanjana Islam

Executive, Sales & Marketing

House # 6/20 (1st Floor), Block # E, Satmasjid Road, Lalmatia, Dhaka1207

Service Reviews

Ms. Rashnath Tarin Toma

From Dhaka on 2nd March, 2023

I cannot say enough about the wonderful works at Circle Interior! They handled the overall design and transformed it into an amazing dream terrace. We now have a beautiful place to home for ourselves. I highly recommend Circle Interior Ltd.!

B.M Mozzamel Haque

From Dhaka on 23rd January, 2018

Very professional attitude with a solid understanding of customer requirements. Also, The description of space utilities was given very appropriately. Thank you for your service.

Mr. Masud Alam Kajal

From Dhaka on 3rd May, 2014

Loved the experience the Circle team was helpful and professional! Looking forward to working with them!

Mr. Vashkar

From on 14th January, 2013

Great experience with Circle Interior. They come with all the different interior elements along with variety. I would definitely recommend this to my contacts.

Mr. Rouf

From on 6th January, 2012

We hired Circle Interior to design a complete terrace for our home. They are great to work with. Unlike many architects, they provided a detailed breakdown of the timeline and the architectural costs of the project. The team members were full of ideas and technical know-how that turned our vision into a reality. We are very happy with the result.

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