Natural sound

In the case of Garden Fountain Interior Design adding good natural sound creates an inverting and pleasant environment for the homeowner. The natural sound of a waterfall is often in corporate with the term of relaxation and for this reason, so many people visit to see a natural fountain. After day-long work, this sound and place create a relaxing vibe in you and you feel refreshed.

Choosing a gentle trickle, bubbling brook, or Cascadian flow sound for your fountain enhances its appeal. Thoughtful placement and incorporation of natural sound in Indoor Water Fountain Designs are crucial for aesthetic appeal. A water fountain serves as a focal point in your residence, so selecting the right watery sound is important. By incorporating the best natural sound into your fountain, you can create a charming environment that maximizes the use of your space and delights both residents and guests.


Incorporating a water fountain in your home allows you to create a greenery view and brings joy. While there are multiple placement options, choosing the right location is crucial to maximizing the functionality of the water fountain.

The placement of the Water Fountain Interior Design is also depending on the choice and mood of the homeowner. If it is the focal point of the home, then it must be placed in the center of the house. When designing a focal point fountain, ensure it is visible from every corner of the house, drawing the eyes of visitors. If the fountain is a subtle addition to the house, consider placing it in one of the best corners to enhance its visual appeal.

Another thing you keep in mind to placing a water fountain is your surrounding environment. If the water fountain placement clashes with the overall design, then its actual appeal will be lost. So, it must be designed and placed in the perfect way where the surrounding’s design must match it. By remembering those above-mentioned things, you will make the best view and functionality of your indoor fountain and create a place of romanticism for the visitors.

Use of technology

Proper use of technology in Fountain Design For Home is a must as it is the artificial version of a natural fountain. So, creating a natural view and inviting environment through a water fountain with perfect use of technology is a must.

Nowadays the design and functionality of water fountains have significantly improved, thanks to technology. Water fountains can now have interactive features that captivate audiences. For instance, sensors can be used to identify the surrounding motions and start the water flowing or alter the water’s color. The water can be illuminated with LED lights to produce captivating light displays.

Technology advancements have also improved the sustainability and energy efficiency of Water aware design. Automation systems can also be employed to improve water use, minimize waste, and cut water costs. By incorporating those features into your Modern Fountain Design, you can maximize the best use of modern technology and create a cozy environment for your home.

Size of fountain

Size plays a crucial role in Water Fountain Interior Design, ensuring optimal utilization of space and functionality. A small fountain in a large area may lose its appeal, while a large fountain in a small space can become overwhelming. Therefore, when designing a water fountain, it is essential to consider its size to achieve the most enhancing appeal.

The size of the fountain may depend on the size of your room. For example, in a large size room, it needs to be a large size fountain. On the other hand, a small fountain is perfect for a small size of room or space. Also, consideration of the height of the fountain is essential. The fountain height should be matched with the space size and high. In Landscaping Water Fountain Design, starting from the ceiling can create a visually captivating environment. However, incorporating a built-in mountain in a home with an unusually tall mountain can result in a cluttered space. Overall proper size of the water fountain can create a royal look for your home. Circle Interior Limited is the top architectural firm with 13 years of experience providing this residential water fountain designing service in Dhaka, Bangladesh using appropriate design & technology which suits you best.


Lighting is an essential component of Outdoor Wall Waterfall Design & also for indoor fountains. it creates the visual appeal and ambiance of the place. The use of lighting in a water fountain can be employed to highlight the various aspects of the water fountain such as the texture and the water flow of the fountain, as well as the shape and size of the fountain.

Colorful lighting is also useful to Water Fountain Interior Design as it can create different moods and atmospheres with the change of the color pattern and day-night view. Colorful lighting also creates the visual appeal of the place. Underwater lighting adds an extra dimension to the fountain’s water flow, creating a luminous and captivating view.

It is also important to keep in mind the placement of lighting to make the best use of it and keep the functionality of the fountain. Adjustments of lighting temperature, waterproof lights, and safety features are also needed as it is a watery place. Colorful and underwater lighting in the fountain creates various views and moods based on the occasion and time of day.

Plants and greenery

Plants and greenery can be a great addition to Corner Water Fountain Design. They will be adding a natural and calming element to the overall aesthetic. Placing plants around the fountain’s base or on nearby ledges and walls enhances visual appeal and creates an immersive experience for viewers.

Aquatic plants like water lilies and lotus flowers enhance the fountain’s water feature with beauty and practical benefits, improving water quality and cleanliness. Proper placement, suitable materials, and appropriate lighting ensure their successful integration. Incorporating plants in Water Fawara Design creates a harmonious and inviting space, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.


Maintenance is crucial when it comes to Water Fountain Interior Design. The fountain needs regular cleaning and upkeep to keep its regular functioning properly and looking the best. Maintenance is also needed for the durability and longevity of this artificial creation. Some of the ways of maintenance are cleaning the fountain basin, and checking and replacing the water flow. Regular checking of water pumps and water supply is also needed.

Additionally, lighting management and hygiene control are also part of maintenance. Regular cleaning of water is also vital to reduce bacteria growth, an instant way is to use chemicals in the water to reduce bacteria. Maintenance also depends on the size of the fountain and the use of the materials in it.


Materials used in the Modern Backyard Water Feature play an essential role in the overall aesthetic and view of the fountain. Some common materials used in fountain design are fiberglass, stone, and concrete, metal. Granite or marble are popular choices for fountain design due to their durability and ability to create a rustic look. Concrete is also an excellent option as it offers versatility in terms of textures, shapes, and sizes for the fountain.

Another durable material is steel which can create a sleek and modern look for the fountain. In many more cases glass and ceramic are used for a water feature. Glass and ceramic create an elegant look of the place and give the feel of luxury. In addition, while selecting materials durability, watery place, and easy-to-keep issues must be remembered in mind. In this case, you can trust Circle Interior Ltd, one of the best Architecture agencies in Dhaka, Bangladesh designing water fountains depending on client choice and demand.


Artwork and décor are another way to give an aesthetic touch to Water Fountain Interior Design. Antic pieces of artwork or any type of contemporary décor can add visual appeal to the overall home by enhancing the look of the fountain. Whether it is a simple or complex piece of the task, artwork adds elegance and beauty to the place. It can also help to create a different ambiance and atmosphere. For example, nature-themed artwork creates a calming and cool environment, whereas a bold piece of artwork creates an energetic atmosphere.

Artwork in Landscaping Water Fountain Design tells stories, conveys messages, and adds visual interest, creating an elegant and captivating ambiance.

Architectural style

The architectural style is an important aspect to consider when designing a water fountain. The style of the fountain should complement the surrounding architecture and landscape. For example, a classical fountain with ornate detailing and symmetry would suit a neoclassical-style building, while a sleek, modern fountain with clean lines would fit well with a contemporary design. The materials used in the fountain’s construction also play a significant role in determining the style. Traditional fountains often incorporate stone, bronze, or marble, while modern fountains may use materials like glass, stainless steel, or concrete.

Thoughtful consideration should be given to the placement and size of the fountain to ensure it complements the overall design. And make sure it doesn’t overshadow or detract from other elements. A Corner Water Fountain Design should harmonize with the surroundings and elevate the space’s aesthetic appeal.

In summary, incorporating a Modern Fountain Design enhances aesthetics, fosters a relaxing atmosphere, and provides health benefits. Balancing water, lighting, and surroundings is vital for both small tabletop fountains and larger installations. With careful planning and collaboration between designer and client, a Water Fountain Interior Design can become a beautiful focal point that enriches the lives of those who encounter it.