Adhesive Price In Bangladesh

Adhesive Price In Bangladesh

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Adhesive glue, often simply called glue, plays a vital role in everyday life in Bangladesh and around the world. It is an essential tool used in various industries and applications, from construction and manufacturing to crafting and household repairs. This versatile material allows us to bond various materials together, creating strong and long-lasting connections.

The Importance of Adhesive Glue in Bangladesh

Supporting a Growing Economy: Bangladesh is experiencing rapid economic growth, with significant developments in the construction, furniture, and garment industries. Adhesive glue plays a crucial role in these sectors, ensuring the efficiency and durability of various products.

Facilitating Everyday Repairs: From fixing broken furniture to mending ripped clothes, adhesive glue is a readily available and cost-effective solution for everyday repairs in Bangladeshi households.

Enabling Creativity and Craftsmanship: Glue is a staple in the world of arts and crafts, allowing individuals to express their creativity and create unique pieces. This is particularly prominent in Bangladesh, which boasts a rich tradition of handicrafts.

Contributing to Infrastructure Development: From adhering tiles to building walls to sealing pipelines, adhesive glue finds crucial applications in Bangladesh’s ongoing infrastructure development projects.

Understanding the Technical Specifications

While the basic function of all glues is to bind materials, their technical specifications can vary significantly. Consider the following factors before purchasing adhesive in Bangladesh:

  • Chemical Composition: Different glues are formulated with varying chemical compositions, each suited for specific materials and applications. Common types include cyanoacrylates (superglues), polyurethanes (PU glues), and polyvinyl acetates (white glues).
  • Strength: The strength of an adhesive is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) or Newtons per square meter (N/m²). This indicates the amount of force required to separate the bonded materials.
  • Setting Time: Setting time refers to the duration it takes for the glue to reach its full bonding strength. This can range from seconds for super glues to days for some epoxies.
  • Flexibility: Some glues are flexible after drying, allowing them to move with the materials they bond, while others are rigid and may crack under pressure.
  • Heat Resistance: The maximum temperature an adhesive can withstand before losing its bonding strength is crucial for applications exposed to heat.
  • Water Resistance: Some glues are waterproof and can withstand exposure to water and moisture, while others are not suitable for wet environments.

Different Types of Glues in Bangladesh

With the vast array of adhesive glues available, choosing the right one for your project is essential. Here are some common types of adhesives that are common in Bangladesh

Cyanoacrylates (Super Glues): These fast-acting glues form strong bonds in seconds and are ideal for small repairs and bonding various materials like plastic, metal, and rubber.

Polyurethanes (PU Glues): Offering excellent flexibility and water resistance, PU glues are versatile for bonding diverse materials like wood, metal, concrete, and fabric.

Polyvinyl acetates (White Glues): Known for their affordability and ease of use, white glues are commonly used for bonding paper, cardboard, and wood. They are water-soluble and non-toxic, making them ideal for children’s crafts.

Epoxies: These two-part adhesives require mixing a resin and a hardener before use. They offer exceptional strength, durability, and chemical resistance, making them suitable for demanding applications like metal repairs and boat building.

Hot Melt Adhesives: Applied in molten form using a glue gun, hot melt adhesives cool and solidify quickly, creating strong bonds for various materials like fabric, cardboard, and wood.

Solvent-Based Contact Adhesives: These glues require applying a thin layer to both surfaces and allowing them to dry slightly before pressing them together. They create strong, permanent bonds for various materials like rubber, leather, and laminates.

Checklist Before Buying Adhesive Glue

To ensure you choose the right adhesive glue for your project, consider the following factors:

The materials you are bonding: Different glues adhere best to specific materials. Ensure compatibility to achieve a strong and lasting bond.

Desired bond strength: Consider the amount of stress or pressure the bond will be subjected to and choose an adhesive with sufficient strength.

Setting time: Choose a setting time that suits your project’s needs. Fast-acting glues might be suitable for quick repairs while slower-setting glues allow for adjustments.

Flexibility: If the bonded materials need to move slightly, opt for a flexible adhesive. Rigid glues might crack under pressure.

Heat and water resistance: Consider the environmental conditions the bond will be exposed to and choose an adhesive with appropriate resistance.

Safety issues: Always follow the safety instructions provided by manufacturers.

Adhesive (Glue) Price in Bangladesh

The price of adhesive glue in Bangladesh varies depending on several factors, including:

Brand: Popular international brands like Fevicol or Loctite tend to be more expensive than local brands.

Type of glue: Specialized glues like epoxies or high-temperature glues typically cost more than basic white glues or super glues.

Size and quantity: Larger quantities of industrial-sized glues are naturally more expensive than smaller tubes or bottles.

Retailer: Prices can vary between online marketplaces, hardware stores, and local shops.

However, to provide a general idea, here’s a range of prices for common types of adhesive glue in Bangladesh:

  • White Glue (100 ml):  BDT 20 – BDT 50
  • Super Glue (3 g): BDT 30 – BDT 80
  • PU Glue (50 ml): BDT 40 – BDT 100
  • Epoxy Glue (15 ml): BDT 50 – BDT 150

It’s important to remember that these are just estimated ranges, and the actual price may differ depending on the specific factors mentioned above.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the cheapest type of adhesive glue in Bangladesh?

White glue is generally the most affordable type of adhesive glue in Bangladesh, with prices starting around 20 BDT for a 100 ml bottle.

How much does super glue cost in Bangladesh?

Super glue prices vary depending on the brand and size, but you can expect to find small tubes (3g) for around 30 BDT to 80 BDT.

Are there any local Bangladeshi brands of adhesive glue?

Yes, several Bangladeshi brands offer adhesive glue at competitive prices.

Where can I find the best deals on adhesive glue in Bangladesh?

Prices can vary between retailers, so it’s recommended to compare prices online on platforms. You can also visit Circle Interior website for competitive deals.

Is it cheaper to buy adhesive glue in bulk in Bangladesh?

If you require a large quantity of glue for a project, purchasing in bulk from wholesale suppliers might be more economical. However, ensure you have proper storage space and can use the glue before it expires.

What factors affect the price of adhesive glue in Bangladesh?

Several factors influence adhesive glue prices, including:

Brand: Popular international brands tend to be more expensive than local brands.

Type of glue: Specialized glues like epoxies or high-temperature adhesives are typically costlier than basic white glues or super glues.

Size and quantity: Larger quantities or industrial-sized glues naturally cost more than smaller tubes or bottles.

Retailer: Prices can vary between online marketplaces, hardware stores, and local shops.

How can I stay updated on adhesive glue prices in Bangladesh?

Following online retailers or subscribing to their newsletters can help you stay informed about price fluctuations and promotions. Additionally, visiting hardware stores regularly can give you a sense of current market prices.

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