Easy Home Decoration Ideas in Bangladesh

A home is a place where our moments are created. A home is not just a structure. It is a place where we share a big part of our lifetime. Most of our memories are born here. At the end of the day, we’re looking for a place to relax, share our feelings, and celebrate our moments. All these happen in our home. Everyone dreams of a sweet home where one can spend his moment with a cup of tea or with a loving partner or family member. You don’t need a very big house to create a loving home. Some simple ideas and steps can make your home extraordinary. In this blog, we’ll share some easy home decoration ideas in Bangladesh that will significantly enhance the overall ambiance of your living spaces.

Living Room Decoration Ideas

Furniture Arrangement of Living Room

When setting up your living room furniture, it’s important to prioritize easy conversation and movement. Begin by arranging the largest piece of furniture first, which is typically the sofa or an armchair. To maximize natural light, try not to place the sofa directly in front of a window. Add a coffee table in the center for convenient access to drinks from both sides. If there’s an empty corner, consider placing a lightweight chair that can be easily moved into the sitting area when necessary. Remember to carefully consider the room’s layout when planning the ideal furniture arrangement, and pay attention to how traffic flows through the space.

Color Schemes of Living Room   

The ideal color scheme for your living room should mirror your unique style and bring you joy and relaxation. Don’t hesitate to explore and enjoy different colors! To create a tranquil atmosphere, you can opt for gentle shades such as light blue, lavender, or sage green. If you want to bring a touch of nature indoors, consider warm browns, terracotta, and ochre. Don’t shy away from vibrant and bold colors either!

Living Room Lighting Tips

Make the most of natural light by using sunlight as much as possible. Mirrors can help to spread the light throughout the room. To enhance the living room, use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create depth and functionality. Adding floor lamps and pendant lights can also create a cozy atmosphere in the space.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Bedding and Pillows

Bedding and pillows offer endless possibilities to personalize your Bedroom. Add some decorative pillows in various sizes and textures. Experiment with mixing patterns and solids. Combine velvet, linen, faux fur, or knitted pillows for a cozy and inviting feel. Drape a throw blanket at the foot of the bed for an extra layer of visual interest and comfort. Update your pillow combinations with seasonal colors and patterns. Choose a Bedding cover that complements your color palette and style.  Opt for high thread count cotton or linen sheets for a luxurious feel and ultimate comfort. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns in your bedding and pillows, but keep the overall look cohesive by using a common color or theme.

Wall Décor Ideas for Bedroom

Your bedroom wall decor should reflect your personality and create a calming and inviting space. Hang artwork or textiles that resonate with your personal preferences. Consider adding handmade crafts like hand-woven jute wall hangings or showcasing some paintings. Frame meaningful photographs, childhood artwork, or travel souvenirs to add a personalized touch. Adding fairy lights or string lights along the wall can create a whimsical touch and a soft glow. Feel free to experiment with different styles and textures to find the perfect combination for your loving bedroom.

Storage Solutions

Storage is an excellent choice for making the most of available space. To store books, decorative items, or folded clothes, you can utilize Wall-Mounted Shelves and cabinets above windows, doors, or along unused walls. To make the most of vertical space and organize smaller items like belts, scarves, or jewelry, consider installing hanging organizers within wardrobes or on closet doors. Another way to maximize space is by investing in a bed with built-in drawers underneath the mattress. Additionally, incorporating multifunctional furniture with built-in storage is a great way to make the most of your space. You can also take customize Storage Solutions help for your Home Decoration Ideas in Bangladesh from Circle Interior Ltd.

Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Keep your Kitchen Organized

To ensure a clean and organized kitchen, it is essential to arrange your utensils and cookware systematically. One effective way to achieve this is by utilizing baskets and bins to store items neatly. By categorizing your kitchen tools and placing them in designated containers, you can easily locate and access them whenever needed. This not only saves time but also prevents clutter from accumulating on countertops or in drawers.

Additionally, incorporating open shelving in your kitchen can greatly enhance both functionality and visual appeal. Open shelves provide easy access to frequently used items, making them convenient to grab while cooking or preparing meals. Moreover, they offer an opportunity to showcase your stylish cookware and utensils, adding a touch of charm to your kitchen decor. By implementing these strategies, you can maintain a tidy kitchen that is not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing.

Use Small Appliance Storage

Slim and small storage options can be a game-changer. They not only save space, but they also make it easier to access. In Bangladesh, where space can often be limited, choosing such storage options becomes even more crucial. Incorporating traditional ceramic or brass containers can add a cultural charm to the kitchen decor. Add open shelves to kitchens with high ceilings and narrow countertops. Choosing a kitchen cabinet is another great option for saving space.

Add Some Decorative Accents

By incorporating decorative elements, you can transform your kitchen into a vibrant and inviting space that reflects your unique taste and preferences. Use colorful bright tiles. Choose tablecloths in vibrant colors or patterns that complement your kitchen’s overall theme. Place small pots of herbs like basil, rosemary, or mint on your windowsill or countertop. This will remove the kitchen odor. The bright tiles, lively table linens, and fresh herbs in pots will create a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere that reflects your style.

Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Choose Neutral Color

Choose soothing and neutral shades for your bathroom. In Bangladesh, people often opt for natural elements and earthy colors to establish a peaceful and spa-like ambiance.

Shower Curtains and Rugs

Add a touch of artistry to your space by including shower curtains and rugs with detailed patterns or motifs that showcase the cultural heritage of Bangladesh.

Make Some Storage Hacks

Utilize wall-mounted shelves and baskets for storing toiletries and towels. Consider incorporating floating vanities to create a sense of openness in smaller bathrooms.

Outdoor Decoration Ideas

Focus on Garden Design

Create a garden area with native plants and flowers to fully experience the beautiful greenery. Add seating spots to relax and appreciate the natural environment.

Add Some Furniture

To enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your outdoor space, consider pairing your wooden furniture with vibrant cushions. Choose long-lasting and resistant furniture for your outdoor area. By investing in high-quality wooden furniture, you can ensure that your outdoor area remains functional and visually appealing for years to come.

Do Some Lighting

String lights, lanterns, or solar-powered lamps can make the outdoor space warm and welcoming by incorporating. Hang String lights across trees, fences, or pergolas. It will create a magical and enchanting effect. Lanterns are another fantastic option for outdoor lighting. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to match the theme or style of the event. Solar-powered lamps are an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for outdoor lighting. By incorporating string lights, lanterns, or solar-powered lamps, you can make the outdoor space feel inviting and memorable for all guests.


To sum up, by using simple home decoration ideas in Bangladesh, you can turn your living spaces into unique havens. Add a touch of Bangladesh’s rich cultural heritage to your decor with traditional motifs, colors, and craftsmanship. Keep in mind that decorating your home is a chance to express your creativity and make your living spaces cozy, warm, and personal.